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Unit Plan Diverse Peoples Grade 7 Social Studies

Outcome The Aboriginal, French, and British peoples influence on events

leading to Confederation.

Assessment Strategies
Exit Slips Quick write up answering a question or having the students
reflect so I am able to identify the concepts students are mastering or
struggling with. Will be assigned every 3 to 5 days within the last 10
minutes of class and handed in as they leave.
Study Notebook Can be a binder or folder to help the students keep
organized. Handouts dealing with big ideas will be added along with
maps, exit slips, and a glossary that they will keep up to date. They will be
able to look back when it comes time to study to determine key concepts
and terms and where they were struggling or excelling.
Chapter Quizzes The questions will cover content taught in chapter and
reflect leaner expectations.
Postage Stamp Assignment Create a postage stamp with small
description depicting the scene. Present in front of class for 2-3 minutes.
Should show an interaction or perspective in historical context.
Life in the Fur Trade - Cross curriculum assignment at the end of Unit 4.

Chapter 1: Three of Canadas First Nations

- Different ways Aboriginal societies were structured
- How the structures of societies affected decision making
Day 1
Introduction: Exit Slips, Study Portfolio,
Review Thinking about Canada before Europeans
o Think pair and share activity
Chapter Objectives
Day 2 4
o Area of Traditional Lands Map
o Compare and Contrast Table = Exit slip
Day 5
Talking Consensus Circle Activity Aboriginal Decision Making
o Reflection Exit Slip
Allow time to organize study notebook and update glossary
Day 6
Allow time for review and small group questioning
Quiz: Chapter 1

Chapter 2 European Explorers

- What were the social and economic factors of European imperialism?
- How did European imperialism impact the Aboriginal societies?
- Key figures in the French and British explorations of North America
Day 7
Introduction of chapter objectives
Discuss imperialism Why? Who? How?
o Push Pull Factors Graphic Organizer
o Exit Slip Difference between explorer and invader
Day 8
First Contact with First Nations
French Explorers
o Map travels of explorers through Canada (while lecturing)
Trading Exercise Trade items or write letter in small groups. Split so
some can talk and others cannot.
o Discuss difficulties and solutions.
Day 9
Explorers and Identity
o Final Timeline (while lecturing)
o Postage Stamp Assignment
Day 10
Extra Postage Stamp Assignment time
Day 11
Review and update study notebook
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3 Early European Colonies

Roles the Royal Government and the Catholic Church played in the social
structure of New France
Role the British government played in settlement of North America
Challenges of co-existence among different peoples
Day 12
Colony, Monopoly, and Hat Craze
Introduce Life in the Fur Trade Project

Day 13
Difference between the French and the British
o Map Colonies

o Organizer or Notes - France vs. Britain

Day 14
Would you survive as a colonist? Activity
o Brainstorm (individual then small groups)
o Where could you find more information discussion
Impacts of Colonization on First Nations peoples.
Day 15
Meet New France
o Exit Slip What roles do they represent today?
Day 16
Meet New France Cont.
o Exit Slip What was the impact of the Catholic Church?
Day 17
Review and update study notes
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 4 Fur Trade

How did the First Nations, French, British, and Mtis peoples interact during
the Fur Trade?
How was Britains interest in the fur trade different than New France?
Day 18
Reminder of Assignment
Phase 1 of Fur Trade to Phase 3
o Show rivers draining into Hudsons Bay
o Exit Slip
Day 19 - 20
Phase 4 of Fur Trade to End
o Compare and Contrast Britain vs. France
Day 21
Fur Trade in Alberta/ Locally - (Possible trip to local museum)
Day 22
Review and update study notebook
Chapter Quiz
Day 23 25
Computer lab time for research
Completing outlines (Due mid way)
Day 26-31 Completing Project
Day 32 & 33 Presentation - Self-reflection after presentation