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Alex Dominguez

ENGR Entrepreneurship 310

Personal Marketing Plan

The Marketing Environment
1. Competitive Forces: Currently, there is a great deal of competition in my
marketing environment. In the Smeal College of business, alone, there are
3,000 other marketing students. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands
of marketing students graduating in my class all over the country. As of now, I
believe that marketing is a revitalized focus in businesses all over the
country. There are new pressures to adopt a more sustainable business
strategy, and it is up to marketing majors to put pressure on new product
development and effectively communicating these new business practices.
2. Economic Forces: Today is business, as I mentioned before, there is
pressure to provide innovate solutions to face our dynamic business realm.
Currently, one of the biggest trends is the growing middleclass in countries
like India, Russia, and China. The growing middle class provides and
interesting opportunity for many businesses to expand their operations
internationally to sell more consumer products in these countries. It falls on
marketing majors, like myself, to effectively market to these new geographic
places. When marketing, it is important to remember to have a globalized
marketing plan, but to implement to each region with concern and reverence
to their cultures and cultural practices.
3. Political Forces: Currently, the world is in a political disarray with the recent
terrorist attacks. It is important to remember when marketing myself to be as
culturally accepting and open when interacting with different countries. It is
up us as millennials in business to provide solutions to the economic

problems that are often plague the same areas when these terrorist
organizations operate in.
4. Legal and Regulatory Forces: Today, more than ever, businesses have
been weighed down with new regulatory and legal forces. Specifically, there
has been pressure driven by the United Nations, and the Global Reporting,
Initiative to include environmental as well as social impact in addition to
finical metrics in businesses reporting their performance. It is up to
millennials, myself included, to help drive the mission of sustainability
through whatever business I am a part of. Specifically, SASB is trying to
become the standard for these integrated reporting techniques. In addition,
the DOW Jones Sustainability Index, whose purpose is to rank fortune 500
companies on their integrated reporting performance, is helping drive these
same morals in business today. Knowing this going into the professional
world, it is my responsibility to be well versed in this issues and topics to
make myself a better applicant compared to other people in the business
5. Technological Forces: It is up to me to understand new technology going
into business to make myself more marketable to companies. I am interested
in learning the basics of coding so that I can carry out my own ideas in
creating technology. Additionally, I need to understand SPSS data analysis
software if I want to continue my career in market research. Currently, I am
learning the fundamentals in this data analysis tools. Additionally, I received
a market research certificate through the American Marketing Association to
differentiate myself in the competition.
6. Sociocultural Forces: It is my plan to brush up on my Spanish language
skills. In this changing business world, it is up to us to be able to bridge the

gap between different cultures in order to do business. I need to be able to

understand different cultures and view them from an inclusive perspective.
Target Market
Currently, my target market is working in sales. I am being trained in
Systematic Selling Dialogue, which is a sales technique that many of the top
paramedical companies use when conducting business. Specifically, my target
marketing is working with PepsiCo, since I recently secured my first internship with
them over the summer. I want to work with small business owners in order to help
them make more profit by providing them with the solutions that their business
specifically needs.
Current Marketing Objectives and Performance
My objectives are to secure a job for the future after working a summer with
PepsiCo. I will measure my performance by how am evaluated by PepsiCo over the
summer. My other marketing objectives are to obtain leadership position in the
Penn State Marketing Association. Specifically, I want to be a leader in the Sports
Marketing Division of the organization. Currently, I am a team leader for the
Womens Hockey project, and I believe I am setting myself up for future success in
the organization. As of right now, my objectives are to do everything I can to
differentiate myself as a job candidate by getting involved in organizations that
provide real life learning opportunities.
Describe Your Dream Job
My dream job is to own my own consulting business with my older brother. He
just obtained his CPA and is working with Einstein and Young. His expertise is in the
finials of a business, which compliments my skill set, marketing and sales. Together
I think we can improve operations in a business and be very successful in the

market. I want to be able go into different businesses, look at their operations,

financial management, and marketing strategy to improve their business as much
as I can. I want to be my own boss, and I want to be able to lead a capable team of
people in navigating our dynamic business world. In order to be a successful leader,
I have to be able to effectively manage their daily tasks and performance. I need
more experience in marketing and strategy before I can be successful in this
business area. Moreover, I need to have more experience in management in an
office type setting. I believe my older brothers work and professional experience
also is a crucial component to being successful as a small business. Additionally, I
want a month of vacation days, full benefits, and I want to be making over $150,000
per year by the time I am 35 years old. I want to live in Philadelphia with my brother
and my girlfriend.
Identify Your Key Differentiators
I believe I have several key differentiators compared to other marketing
students coming out of Penn State. First of all, I believe leadership is one of my key
competencies. I learned leadership trough my fraternity. I have experience on my
executive board in shaping the new kids entering my fraternity as Vice President of
Member Development. Additionally, I am the team leader of the womens hockey
promotional team for the Sports Marketing Division for the Penn State Marketing
Association. Moreover, I believe I have more experience with market research
software, and I can prove it with my AMA market research certificate. Another key
differentiator I have on my resume is my SSD personal selling certification that I am
currently working on obtaining. In general, I believe my interpersonal skills are a
valuable asset I have compared to other candidates. I feel like I am good at
facilitating connections between people when working on group projects.

Specifically, my market research project that I am working on for Umpires Media

with my team is an excellent example. We are a team of 5 people that did not know
each other prior to the start of the project. Now, we are a very close team that is
doing excellent work for this company, and we are preparing our final presentation
for this upcoming Thursday when we come back from break.
Build Your Brand
I plan on building by brand around honestly, integrity, and excellence. I want
to be the person known for going out of my way to do the extra step to make people
happy with whatever good or service I am providing. I want to be the salesperson
that is different than any other salesperson you have met before. I want to take an
ethically rooted approach to making people happy with what they are buying. I want
to use my interpersonal skills to make long lasting relationships with my clients to
help solve the problems that their business is facing in our dynamic business world.
Moreover, I want to go to an executive MBA program down the road once I have
more experience to help build my own personal brand of being a solid
businessperson that is trustworthy and someone that you want to do business with.
All of these ideas are nice, in theory, but is my responsibility to execute and
take the necessary steps to making sure all of my goals are reached. First off, I
want to update my linkdin profile to reflect all of the awesome things that I am
doing to make myself a more attractive job candidate. By the end of my college
career I want to be set up for success for the rest of my life.