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Michael Muilenburg

6308 Donna Kvapil PL, El Paso, Texas 79932

(915) 471-8574


Over 15 years of highly effective management and leadership experience,

emphasizing innovation and creativity in solving complex problems.
Energetic and result-focused with success in developing and leading
diverse teams to achieve outstanding results.

productivity during a period of shrinking budgets.

Controlling growth management - able to motivate and maximize

productivity and employee morale without financial incentives.

Implemented new techniques, tactics, and procedures, coinciding

with cutting-edge networking and communications technologies,
within the organization.

Introduced new polices to the organization, developing an effective

team which performed superbly, utilizing organizational- and detailoriented leadership oversight.

Professional Experience


United States Army, 2013 - 2015

Operations Manager Supervised and trained a team of four project
managers and 20 associates. Managed 273 company tasking projects per
quarter. Established operational objectives and work plans and delegated
assignments to subordinate managers. Completed 12 performance reviews
each quarter, offering praise and recommendations for improvement.
Directed 50 training programs resulting in superior company performance
records. Compiled and drafted four company performance reports each
month. Ensured serviceability and maintenance of $19.3 million worth of
vehicles and equipment. Improved operations performance and equipment
United States Army, 2011 - 2013
Project Manager Partnered successfully with contract companies to
help test and implement new technologies. Trained, coached and mentored
32 subordinates to ensure smooth adoption of new programs.
Strengthened company's performance by leading implementation of U.S.
Army standards and regulations. Implemented innovative programs to
increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover. Instrumental in the
development and implementation of new company policies. Developed 6
executive presentations and reports to facilitate project evaluation and
process improvement.
United States Army, 2009 - 2011
Training Manager Organized and executed training for 64 new
employees per quarter. Selected and assigned instructors to conduct
training seminars. Monitored employee behaviors throughout the training
process. Administered performance reviews to evaluate each participant's
progress. Clearly communicated objectives for all lessons, units and
projects to all participants. Used a variety of assessment tools and
strategies to improve instruction methods. Assumed ownership of all
training program initiatives.


role playing,



exercises, group discussions, videos and lectures to instruct participants

in a variety of ways.

United States Army, 2006 - 2009

Project Supervisor Developed and led training programs in preparation
for combat. Proven expert in tactical and technical guidance.
Communicated urgent orders and directions effectively to section of 15
personnel. Surveyed and analyzed terrain to determine optimum
equipment placement and use. Operated and maintained equipment worth
$29 million in operational areas. Aided superiors in the planning and
execution of more than 300 mounted and dismounted combat operations.
Planned and briefed personnel on missions. Led basic reconnaissance
operations and reported enemy movements to commanding officers.
United States Army, 2004 - 2006
Equipment Operator Operated heavy equipment, including the M1A2
Main Battle Tank, M2A3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle and the M1114 High
Mobility Vehicle. Kept efficient time and material records. Responded to
both hand and verbal instructions while operating heavy equipment.
Submitted written reports of problems and necessary repairs to
maintenance personnel. Maintained equipment in good working order.


DACC/New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Economics and Business, 2015-present
Spearfish High School, Spearfish, South Dakota

High School Diploma, 1993

Cavalry Leaders Course (3 weeks)

Leadership course that instructed senior leadership on the basic and
advanced principles of tactics and strategy to better destroy the enemy
through minimum effort.
Maneuver Senior Leaders Course (6 weeks)
Leadership course for senior non commisioned officers that taught the
basic and advanced princaples of leadership.
Drill Sergeant Course (8 weeks)
U.S. Army course on becoming a master instructor for the United States
Army in order to instruct civilians on how to become soldiers in eight
Advanced Leadership Course (7 weeks)
Basic Leadership course that taught the basics of leadership and specific
job related instruction.
Primary Leadership Development Course (4 weeks)
Developmental leadership course that instructed on the basic principles
of leadership.
Commanders Leadership Program (40 hours)
Leadership course that taught the basics of a command team within a
larger organization.
Injury Prevention through Leadership (8 hours)
Course taught the importance of injury prevention through better
observation and participation.
Commanders Safety Course (16 hours)
Instruction on maintaining and mentoring others about the importance
of safety and the understanding of safety standards.
Safety Officers Course (40 hours)
Course instruction on prevention, inspections, and investigations to
deter future safety violations.
Composite Risk Management Course (16 hours)
Course on the proper techniques on preventing safety violations and how
to insure other followed those techniques.

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