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Mahdi Alzaki
Composition 2
Small Money Donations
Most non-profit organizations depend on donations of both time and money. Volunteering
to such organizations is a noble duty to any individual. Its evident that both the two types of
donations are substantial but on this work I am going to mirror my focus on monetary donations.
Its crucial for individuals to cultivate in their lives the habit of giving donations, however little
they may be. Small money donation actions have a great impact on the individual, society and
the country at large. Through small money donations, peoples potentials can be realized, poverty
can be solved, it can also make the less fortunate in the society feel part and parcel of the society.
So its important for every person to engage in this noble duty of making money donations
however little they may seem to be. Through this, they will have a positive impact on a persons
life and the society.
Effective interventions can help to break the cycle of poverty for the less fortunate
individuals in the world. ("Why Donate to Charity?") Fighting and preventing diseases can keep
children in school and health. Efficient and effective healthcare enables parents to continue
giving support to their families when otherwise they might have cared for the sick children.
Giving small money donations provides essential resources pertinent to those living in poverty to
achieve a better-living standard. Poverty is a problem whose solutions can be provided for and
giving plays a vital role in combating the extreme poverty. Its evident that few people are living

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in the extreme poverty today as compared to a few decades ago. According to the report by the
United Nations development goals.
When looking at poverty in the developing world, most individuals feel deep sorrow but
then seem to give a conclusion that nothing they can do. The level of poverty is immense, and we
seem powerless to combat it. Such kind of despair is understandable; the whole situation can be
reversed if every individual takes a bold step of making a donation that is designed for this
purpose. When making a donation to an effective charity, the magnitude of your donations is
directly proportional to the number of individuals that you impact their lives. ("Why Donate to
Charity?") You dont need to be a millionaire for you to make a significant impact; even small
money donations have the capacity to improve the quality of life of an individual drastically.
The habit of giving donations makes an individual happier. According to the research,
spending money on ourselves does not increase our sense of happiness. The Harvard school of
business study posits that giving others correlated directly with an increased happiness in an
individuals life. Happier individuals gives more and donations makes people happier, thus
giving and happiness may operate in a positive feedback loop this according to the Harvard
researchers. Its also evident that people experience a lot of pleasures when they see money
channel to charity even if this money isnt their own.
However, they experience more pleasure when they give small donations directly to the
charity by themselves. Also the act of impacting other peoples lives creates an increased sense
of well-being. Having known that you sacrificed something such property or finances and time to
help others for sure it can give one a sense of purpose in life and the inner satisfaction.
Giving is also a question of justice. Most of the individuals comprehend that while they
may be working hard; there are external factors that are likely to bring their efforts to fruition.

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And these factors largely depend on where one lives. Being born in an affluent country increases
the chances of benefiting from good healthcare, infrastructure, availability of stable jobs and
access to education. For those individuals born in the developing country, the probability that
their hard work will pay them off well are greatly diminished. Due to some illness they may not
be able to work since they are not able to afford the treatment, work may not be available and
they may not have the education that is equivalent to the job that pays a wage. Their daily
survival may also be unpredictable. This means that people in the developing country are greatly
disadvantaged as compared to others around the world. Children have no say whether they have
an education or where they live. Struggling families may opt to take their children out of school
so that they can participate in contributing more immediately to the income of the family.
This contributes to the building up of a circle of poverty that traps individuals who may
be working and who may be extraordinarily smart, yet subjected to situations over which they
have no control. Giving small money donations to those organizations that help people in the
extreme poverty is importantly a matter of fairness.( Post 13) Once we acknowledge that
different circumstances lead to drastic differences in economic outcomes all over the world, we
must also acknowledge we have a duty of helping of those born and brought out in the circles of
poverty and this can be done by giving small money donations.
Making donations to the charity out of spiritual conviction also helps in strengthening
ones spiritual life. Selfless giving is a primary component of much religious and spiritual belief
system. Acknowledging that you have taken a step and an action in line with your spiritual
doctrines by dedicating some of your resources to others in need can propagate a sense of
contentment and inner peace.

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Making small money donations is also in our nature. No individual has ever been
compelled to give a donation to someone. It always comes out of good will. Whether the
individual is stumbling in the street, experiencing hard time because of some illness, whether its
a person who is very close to us or completely stranger, our first impulse is to assist. Most of us
are also familiar how it normally feels to fight against our impulse to donate. We might object to
giving money to the beggar without accessing the situation under which the person is going to
spend the money. Also, we vividly understand the guilt feelings we experience after opting not to
assist someone who is clearly in need. Therefore, giving donations can be said to be part of our
character, and it has a positive result on the lives of the needy.
Finally, giving a small money donation with a charity may have both social and physical
benefits. ("5 Reasons to Donate to Charity Gaiam Life") After financial donation to a non-profit
organization or charity, one may experience an inner pull to be involved more in this charitable
work by donating his or her skill and time as well. Giving yourself out as a volunteer creates an
opportunity to build your social circles while acquiring the mental, spiritual and physical benefits
from the labor that you contributed. In conclusion, therefore, we should always be ready to give
donations and to help those in need in our society. Making donations is a noble duty that ought to
be embraced by every person.

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The webpage focus on the five reasons why people should give donations. It points out that
giving donations can impact the society positives. It will help to save a life of a needy
person and also to upgrade the poverty levels of the society. Besides that it points out
that giving small money donations brings personal satisfaction and fulfillment

Post, Stephen G. The Hidden Gifts of Helping: How the Power of Giving, Compassion, and
Hope Can Get Us Through Hard Times. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011. Print.
This inspiring book by post Stephen convincingly and precisely depicts how helping others
propagates to a win-win soul. It does not only enhance benevolence to the well-being of
others but as a primary goal it also contributes significantly to our own mental and
physical well-being

"Why Donate to Charity?" The Life You Can Save - Effective Giving Against World Poverty.
N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2015.
This webpage delves into the various reasons why people should give donations to the charity.
Charity donations help in the reduction of the world poverty. Besides that the act of giving helps
to touch somebodys life which could have been exposed to various dangerous hazards. It also
espouses that giving small money donations do not only impact the persons life but also impact
the whole society. The post further encourages individuals to cultivate the hearth of giving in
their lives.