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Emily Burch

Chris Longhurst
English 1010
EPortfolio Reflective Cover Letter
For my signature English assignment I have chosen a group collaborative
essay on the zombie virus. As a group, four classmates and I examined the
possibility of the evolution of the zombie virus, as well as the possibility of one
being made in a lab. Based on the evidence we found, we decided that if in theory
one were made, it would be incredibly difficult. This paper helped me to put more
focus into my research as well as to avoid any bias while researching and to detect
bias in research material. This will help me in other general ed. Classes, as I will
continue to ask questions about what I am being taught and think analytically about
the bias of my teachers.
From this class I personally learned a lot from the worksheets given to us by
Chris to improve our research abilities. We were always given a worksheet for
invention work before writing a paper. The writing a research proposal worksheet
helped my group to find our direction. We were able to see all of our future
assignments and makes plans accordingly which greatly helped our organization.
The citation for source worksheets were also very useful. Chris helped us ask the
right questions to analyze our sources and figure out if we needed more reliable
information. These worksheets helped us to put together an undead paper.
By far the best tool given to our class by Chris were the feedback worksheets.
We would trade papers and grade each others work and then go home to revise
before turning in our papers. What helped me most was grading the work of others.

I was able to see more clearly what would improve my work by reading the work of
Chris asked some insightful questions such as, Why should I trust this source
enough to change my thoughts? What makes the author a legitimate source on
this topic? and, How will this further my point? With the lessons from Chris in
research I feel that moving forward I will be able to find resources that my future
teachers and bosses will agree are exemplary.
Usually when writing an academic paper, I lose my voice. I get drowned by
big words and sounding smart. I felt comfortable with Chris enough so that I was
able to go out of my comfort zone and experiment with my writing. I put a lot of
consideration into the topic of this assignment, and decided that in order to improve
my writing I needed my voice to show.
In my position paper I was able to regain my voice and added in various
nerdy jokes. I also implemented the research skills Chris taught me in choosing my
sources. I carefully reviewed each ones information as well as the authors and
publishers. This process led me to discard mounds of information but made my
paper much more logical. I asked analytical questions and used Chriss methods of
picking apart a question which helped me to come up with a well thought out
research question. I gauged my audience as taught by Chris in our Rhetorical
Situation paper. Taking into account what Chris would consider a good source as
well as questions she would have asked, persuaded me into adding logical
questions rather than making my paper all science.
The skills I learned in English 1010 will help me in my academic career when I
am asked to write papers for other classes. In English 2010 I will be able to build
upon the skills I have already learned. In other general ed. classes I will be able to

produce an MLA paper, with viable evidence, whether it is a response, informative,

or argumentative paper. Chris has taught me to think analytically when thinking of
a research question as well as to ask questions about the education, and credibility
of a publisher. We focused on research as a process which will help me to produce
college level papers for other classes.