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Business Plan, 2016

Success Area

Strategic Objective

2016 Plan

Male and Female


To build a club with strength in Male and Female

Football in the Auckland Football Federation.

Player Participation

To provide opportunities for all of our players for

participation in football, be that in a social or
competitive way.

Player Development

Services and

To provide a framework for the development of all

our players at all levels that meets their need and
implementing a successful Player Development

To provide quality club facilities and equipment

meeting or exceeding the needs of our members.

Lead the formation of Franklin United partnership with

Pukekohe AFC.
Appoint Club Captains across Male/Female and
Junior/Senior memberships. Increase visibility of these
Investigate summer season football sessions and
Target growth in player numbers for 2016 over 2015.
Engage and align with Franklin United DOF player
development pathways.
Engage with Football Kidz NZ (or similar) regarding
primary school clinics.
Work with AFF/NZF to improve alignment with Whole of
Football structures.
Appoint an equipment manager for the club.
Appoint a sportsfield liaison with Auckland Council and
strengthen this relationship.
Establish processes for gear and equipment maintenance
and accountability.


To be an active participant in the Franklin

community through development of strong
relationships with Schools, Government and NonGovernment Organisations, Community and other
sporting groups.

Finance and

Coaches and Officials

To provide a sustainable Financial and

Administrative base for the club, implementing
best practices for a club of our size through a
strong structure of Committee, Volunteers,
Officials and Members working to a clear policy

To develop quality coaches and referees, through

the implementation of a support structure and
training programmes.

Formalise relationship with Waiuku College regarding

sharing of facilities.
Formalise relationship with Waiuku Primary School
relating to sharing of facilities.
Extend reach of coaching and refereeing development
into the primary schools programme.
Appoint a sportsfield liaison with Auckland Council and
strengthen this relationship.
Achieve a budget surplus necessary to create a $10,000
cash reserve at close of season.
Establish operational policies and plans in line with the
NZF Quality Mark Scheme.
Achieve Level 1 Quality Mark Accreditation
Establish regular joint meetings of Waiuku AFC and
Waiuku JAFC
Centrally coordinate introduction of further elements of
First Kicks and Fun Football into the primary schools
Seek funding via NZ-Football (or otherwise) for
contribution to coaching development.
Investigate locally hosted (or Franklin hosted)
introductory and Level 1 coaching courses for NZF
Actively engage existing CBR members and encourage
refreshers, renewals and correct processes.
Appoint a referees coordinator. Create a register and
roster of CBRs for better utilisation on club fixtures.


Club Culture

To meet the needs and expectations of our

members through engagement, communication
and involvement whilst growing a strong member
base who each represent the club on an off the
field in a positive manner.

To develop a sustainable, strong, supportive and

positive club culture.

Create an overarching communications plan.

Appoint a communications officer to lead internal and
public communications activities.
Re-invent the website as a point of information resource.
Introduce a periodic newsletter distributed by email,
website and social media.
Pursue offer from the Waiuku Cossie Club to host
subsidised fundraising events. Encourage all senior teams
to host such an event.
Improve visibility of policy and cultural club statements
regarding positive, supportive, family friendly culture.
Empower playing teams to contribute to community
engagement, seek appropriate 3rd party sponsorship and
otherwise contribute to Club Culture.