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1202 Cypress Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80521 | (719)-3304609 |

Colorado State University Senior with History Major Concentration
in Social Studies Teaching with a 3.2 GPA
Courses include 7 World and 7 US Upper Division History courses
with my Capstone Seminar in Gender and Sexuality From 18002000
Education Courses includes work at Blevins Middle School in
Poudre School District for EDUC 275, work at Conrad Ball Middle
School in Thompson School District for EDUC 350, and currently at
Thompson Valley High School in Thompson School District for
EDUC 450
Also includes 6 Upper Division Courses in Anthropology, Civics,
Geography, and Economics

August 2015


Tutor, AVID Tutoring

Working with students that dont get the aid and support they need to
succeed and continue to challenge themselves. Also helping to get
students to start preparing and strive toward college
Teacher/Aid/Observer, Conrad Ball Middle School in EDUC 350
Created lesson plans that aligned with Colorado Academic Standards as
well as Common Core Standards. Used Love and Logic techniques to help
motivate and model appropriate student behavior in the classroom. With
help from my cooperating teacher I learned skills to not only improve my
classroom management skills but also create meaningful relationship and
communications skills with students.

May 2006 -

Laborer, Thomas Lawn Care

August 2015

Engaged in diligent and hard work for residential lawn maintenance.

Communication with customers and aid with client issues.

Marion House Soup Kitchen- Colorado Springs, CO
I have volunteered off and on at my local soup kitchen in Colorado
Springs for over 15 years. I have helped in support of their school supplies
drives looking to provide under privileged students with the backpacks
and assorted supplies needed for elementary and secondary students
Trail Building
Have helped to construct and maintain trails in the Colorado Springs area
including Red Rocks Canyon and the backside of Pikes Peak.

Major sports enthusiast and would love to get involved in coaching
baseball, basketball, and cross country. Id also love to get involved
in clubs and other special activities especially anything that has to
do with history.

Mark Thomas: (719)-287-3690, Boss for nearly 10 years and have
known each other for over 20 years
Kendra Vair: (970)-590-9786, EDUC 350 instructor that I worked one
on one to help develop myself into the best educator possible. She
taught me effective ways to use UbD backwards planning as well as
a number of other important teaching skill like effectively integrating
standards into all lessons.

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