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October 2, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello Principal my name is Scott West and I am interested in joining your schools
community. I have studied through South Mountain Community College, Rio Salado Online
College, and Arizona University to acquire my Associates of Arts, Bachelor degree in History,
and Certificate in Secondary Education. History is my main content area with an emphasis on
United States history. I also have background knowledge in Government, World History, Film
Studies, English and some Economics that I could develop to teach those subjects. My hopes are
to establish a strong learning environment that feels safe and comfortable for my students. The
emphasis for my students would be critical thinking, citizenship (global/national/local), and
literacy. One of my goals is to establish relationships with my students and their parents to
transform my classroom from a lecture hall into an empowering academic community.
I love seeing students connecting with history and seeing how we are all part of a
continuous story. Building cultural understanding with my students is something that brings a lot
of pride and joy. Having students know more about whom they are and those around them is a
powerful thing. Your school looks like an impressive and promising place to work with students.
I would love to have the opportunity to come in for an interview in the near future. If you would
like to meet and discuss your school you can reach me through the following means:
Phone number: 602-748-7142

Thank you for your time,

Scott West

October 2, 2015
Hello Parents,

Im Mr. West and I will be one of your students teachers this semester. My content area
is United States history. I received my history degree and education certificate from Arizona
State University. History and movies are two of my major passions in life. A goal of my class is
to try and grow your students interest in American and world history and the world of film. In
my class students will learn about the events and people who influenced our nation and the
cultures that build up our country.
Within my class there will be high expectations for students as well as parents. Each and
every student who comes into my class has the ability to do great things. Students will be
expected to push themselves on the course assignments. A lot of the assignments in this class and
the extra credit opportunities are fun, but nonetheless I expect students to think critically and
fully express their ideas. For parents the expectations are centered on conferences and keeping in
frequent contact throughout the semester. This is to help ensure that you know how your student
is doing in my class and to help each other guide your student toward success in my class and
great things outside of school.
I look forward to working with you all over this semester. We should have a lot of fun
and cover a lot of subjects. Make sure to sign and date the bottom of the letter in the space
provided next to my signature and have your student turn it attached to the course syllabus for 5
points in my class. Parents/Guardians call or email me with any questions you have about the
Phone number: 555-555-5555 (Classroom phone available before and after school)

Mr. West




Parent Signature


October 5, 2015
Hello Mr. and Ms. Fincher,
Im writing to let you know how David is doing in my History class. David is a great
student to have in the class. He often brings a lot of fantastic ideas and comments during our
class discussions. These comments show me that he has a good understanding of the content in
the class. As well, his participation in the class discussion Ive noticed over the past few weeks
tends to encourage other students to take part in the conversation. During the last two weeks
though David has been struggling to follow directions and has been causing disruptions in class.
The main issue is following class policy that when students are done with classwork or a test
they are supposed to read silently until I have provided new directions on what they should be
doing. Over the past two weeks I have had to redirect David eleven times (some of them repeated
redirection within one class period). The energy and desire to talk with peers is understandable
and natural for a student Davids age. However, these disruptions are interrupting his fellow
classmates work. If this behavior continues and takes place on a test day, following class rules,
his test will be counted as a zero if he is talking while taking the test or his test score will
automatically be cut in half if talking after he has completed the test. This would not be good for
his grades. As well, with the instances of repeated redirection he his showing disrespect to his
classmates and myself, which is not acceptable.
This is an issue that can easily be addressed. First of all David needs to understand that
his disruptions are inconsiderate to his fellow classmates and to me. We can both address this to
help make sure that David knows how his actions are affecting others. Once David understands
that his actions are interrupting his peers work and it shows disrespect to me the disruptions will
be less frequent. Secondly, we should address Davids energy level, which is a leading cause in
his recent actions. Cutting back on caffeine in the morning and/or at lunch will help him to not be
so hyperactive. I will let David know also that if he feels hyperactive he can let me know and he
can step outside for a moment to do some exercise out in the hall or can speak with me for a
minute at the back of the class to get out his energy or talkativeness. If this behavior continues
David will need to come in at lunch to work on homework and discuss respect.
Again this is an easy issue we can move past. David is a great student whose energy,
when controlled, livens up the class and leads to fantastic class discussions. Also I want to
mention that David has been showing a lot of promise with his writing on the last few course
assignments. If he keeps growing his writing skills hell do great on the upcoming standardized
tests. David has been showing a pretty good understanding of historical writing which is helping
him do well on class papers. This skill will be a big advantage if he decides to go to college in a
few years.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Mr. West