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University of Arkansas Fort Smith

School of Education
Lesson Plan 1

Farah Ihmeidan

Grade Level: 6th Grade

Date: October 2nd, 2015

Practicum 1

Subject Area: English

Butterfield Middle Van Buren

School District:

Textbook: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Pages: Complete Novel

Blooms Taxonomy: My lesson provides opportunities for: __Creating __

Evaluating __ Analyzing __ Applying __ Understanding __ Remembering
Types of Activities: __ Co-op Learning __ Independent Work __ Small Group
__ Teacher-assisted __ Hands-on

-Students will have read the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio and know the
characters of the story.

Standard(s): (Include specific state standards.)

- CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.6.3: Describe how a particular story's or drama's plot
unfolds in a series of episodes as well as how the characters respond or
change as the plot moves toward a resolution.


-After reading "Wonder", students should be able to write a detailed

character analysis for the character of their choice.

Anticipatory Set, Hook or Engaging the Learner: (How will I gain

students attention?)
-As an anticipatory set, students will be asked to match a quote/meme to the
correct character from the story.

-To begin, as the anticipatory set, students will be handed out a paper that
includes pictures of quotes and memes that describe a specific character
from the story.
-Students will be asked to match the character they believe fits with the
specific meme.
-This should take about 5-7 minutes.
-Once students have completed that activity, I will explain to students what
their next assignment will consist of.
-Students have completed reading the novel Wonder.
-Since students have completed the novel, they will be asked to complete a
detailed character analysis for one of the six main characters from Wonder.
-I will explain to students that whatever character they choose must tie in
with August in some way. For example, whatever experiences or battles that
the character goes through, students must explain how their experiences
helped them be a better friend to Auggie.
-Before students begin writing their rough drafts, they will start
brainstorming their ideas of the character of their choice by using a graphic
organizer to organize their thoughts.
-Once students have completed their graphic organizers, they will pass their
idea through me for my approval to move on.
-Once students are approved, they will move on to begin their rough drafts.
-After students have completed their rough drafts, they will trade papers with
their partners for a peer review.
-Once peers have edited their papers, students will continue to final draft.

-Once students have completed their final draft of their character analysis, it
is ready to turn in.
-Character analysis should be about 1 page single spaced long on loose-leaf
-Therefore, it shouldnt take long. Assignment should take 2-3 days of work.
Guided and Independent Practice: (How will I get students to
practice/apply what has just been taught?)
Students will practice and apply what has just been taught by completing a
character analysis of their choice. Students will fill out a graphic organizer,
complete a rough draft, peer edit, and submit their final drafts of their
character analysis of their choice. Students will make sure to use textual
evidence in their analysis with page numbers cited beside their evidence.

Closure: Once students have successfully completed their final drafts of

their character analysis, they will be split in groups and students will share
their character analysis with their groups. This will bring a closure to the
character analysis.
Alternate Plan B:
-Students may need extra time to work on their character analysis. If I notice
students are needing more time, then I will extend the deadline.
-Students may have trouble with tying in the character of their choice with
the main character, Auggie. If students are having trouble, I will sit one-onone with the student and guide him to where they need to be.
-The post assessment will consist of students final draft of their character

Accommodations: __ Extended Time __ Preferential Seating __ Segmented

Assignments __ Assignment Length __ Communication Methods __ Peer
Tutors __ Instructional Assistance __ Other

-Remind students to stay on task.
-Extend work time.
-Sit one-on-one to work through problems.
This class contains no gifted students. However if students complete
the assignment faster than usual, then students will be asked to write in their
journals about their thoughts on these characters 10 years from now.
-Graphic organizers for brainstorming
-Peer Edits