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Climate Change & Media


Can Media Be Manipulative?

Media manipulation is media that is directed towards someones opinion or
News has become less about informing people about facts, and more about
telling people what their opinions should be.
The greater the quantity of media coverage of climate change, the greater the
level of public concern.
Example of media manipulation: The Koch Brothers investigation proved that
global warming did exist, that human activity was largely responsible, and that
it is having a far worse effect on the planet than commonly thought; the
Kochs just ignore the results and focused on another study that shows
climate change is fake.

Junk Media in Society Today

Relates back to yellow journalism which is a type of journalism that flourished in the late
nineteenth century and whose popularity was based on sensationalized stories of
scandal and corruption(Gitelson, 324)
This is current in today's societies as well because media is filled with junk media that in
some cases are not necessarily accurate news stories presented to the public.
Elite political actors or popular politicians that the public are familiar with advocate about
climate change issues that they feel are true and want the public to believe in. (Might
not be true)
Example: Republicans viewpoint- Dont believe climate change exists
Democrats viewpoint- Believe climate change is caused from global warming

Three Ways Media Portrays Climate Change

1. Scientific-uncertainty
a. Causes and consequences of climate change is still under research
therefore cannot take any actions until more information is found
2. Economic opportunity
b. Environmentalist and politicians believe that solving climate change will
boost the economy
3. Benefits
c. No negative consequences of climate change
d. Increasing temperatures = improvement of life, health, agriculture
(This information was found from the scholarly article Framing Climate Change by Adam Shehata and
David Nicolas Hopmann. )

Sweden vs US
The Swedish government
Has 9 parties (

Swedish Social Democratic Party, Moderate Party, Sweden Democrats,

Green Party, Centre Party, Left Party, Liberal Peoples Party, Christian Democrats,
Feminist Initiative)

They are a Parliamentary system (their word is law)

they are not politically tough on climate change
the US government
Has 2 parties (Republican, Democrat)
They are a Federal government (Federal, state, city)

Gender and Race in the Media

In society today, its no surprise that certain races and genders are
looked past when it comes to casting for leading roles in movies,
magazines, television, etc.

Well what race/gender

is the most common?

White and Male

How often do you see a female as the lead role? Or how often do you come across a
main character that IS NOT white on television? This common conception in itself
reveals sexism, and the need for more diversity in the media.

Elite Actors VS. Unofficial Actors

Elite Actors: big political figures (e.g. former
president George W. Bush and current president
Barack Obama)
Unofficial Actors: Have a secondary role.
Figures not as important to the public eye.

Republican View and Mass Media

Senator, James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican states, [global warming] is the greatest
hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Similar to Trumps opinion.
Senator, Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican states, Im aware that California has a
drought, so I made sure I brought my own water.
Republican presidential candidates and congressional leaders are, still, denying the
existence of climate change
e.g., John Boehner, Ted Cruz (Texas), former senator Rick Santorum and former governor Jeb Bush

Ben Carson, whom is a top tier GOP presidential candidate, questioned the science behind
climate change
I know theres a lot of people who say overwhelming science, but then when you
ask them to show the overwhelming science, they can never show it...There is no
overwhelming science that the things that are going on are man-caused and not
naturally caused...Give me a break.

Democratic View and Mass View

Believe that the complex problem involving climate change cannot be reduced by
parroting a simple few slogans

Need evidence based policies, but often evidence lacks the psychological carrying power
generated by appeals to prejudice or fear of disadvantage

California Gov. Jerry Brown states, These arent just words...the consequences
are real...climate change is bigger than partisan politics
Ann Hancock, executive director of the Center for Climate Protection, climate
change is a real casts this huge pall over us.
Ralph Cicerone, an American atmospheric scientist and President of the National
Academy of Sciences, evidence is accumulating, it is getting clearer.

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