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Kimberly Ortiz-Marrero

Professor: Dr. Dolan

Mag. Glo. Dim
December 4, 2015
Lebanon Valley College has provided me with the right tools to handle different
situations, due to the Spanish department under my concentration. The Spanish courses at
Lebanon Valley College helped me when I had the opportunity to travel abroad for a semester.
My experience with the Spanish department was wonderful because I got to know and
understand a little more of the Spanish culture. Before embarking on this unforgettable
experience, as I had mentioned before, I took various courses that helped this experience be like
no other.
The first year at Lebanon Valley College in 2012 I took a course called Spanish for
Native Speakers with Dr. Ivette Guzman-Zavala. In this course we use a book called The
Language we inherited from Sarah Marques. The book contained maps, miscellaneous to read
and comment similarities and contrasts of words, grammar and spelling. This course helped me
with my other courses in Spanish at LVC because it did not concentrate in only one country or
culture, it concentrated mostly in the countries of Latin America and Spain and cultures of these
countries. I could learn more of the Spanish culture. Although the Spanish language came from
the motherland, Spain; not all words have the same meaning in all countries where the first
language is Spanish.
The second Spanish course I took at Lebanon Valley College was entitled Latinos in the
US, again with Professor Dr. Ivette Guzman-Zavala. We read articles of Latinos who have posted
jobs in the United States. For example, we read works of Esmeralda Santiago, Gloria Anzaldua,
Juan Flores, among other Latino writers in the U.S. The writer Esmeralda Santiago, read "When
I was Puerto Rican" I could connect personally with this book because I like how Santiago also
left the island and I felt lost when I came to America. Like Santiago, I did not know what my true
identity was Puerto Rican or even Latin. By writer Gloria Anzaldua read sections of his book,
"Brdeland the border." Again I could connect with this writer not come from the same country
more like people who do not belong to the community is based on stereotypes of people of Latin
America. The writer Juan Flores bases its writing, as Anzaldiia in the US believe the stereotypes
about people of Latin America.
When I started my studies at Lebanon Valley College my concentration the first year of
college was physical therapy, but I decided to change my focus to Spanish during the fall of my
second year. I did not take any kind of Spanish the fall of that year. It was not until the spring of
my second year I decided to change my focus from physical therapy to Spanish. That year I
made the best decision of my life to go to a foreign country for a semester which led me to take
two kinds of Spanish at Lebanon Valley College, History and Culture of Latin America with
Professor Rodriguez and Grammar and Advanced Writing with Dr. Carmen Garcia-Armero. I
knew immediately that I had to take a course to help me with my writing. This was one reason
why it took two years before traveling to Spain. The class of History and Culture of Latin
America helped me a lot with a classes I took in Spain. Some of the Latinos who were mentioned

in this course, I recognized when I took Latin American literature in Spain. Class Advanced
Grammar and Writing helped tremendously with my other courses there. I could see how my
writing has improved thanks to the courses I took here at LVC and in Spain.
My junior year, especially my fall semester I realized my dream of going to study in a
foreign country. I had the opportunity to go to Spain and take 5 classes, Intro to Literature,
History and Culture of Spain, Phonetic, Literature I and II of contemporary Spain. This
experience gave me the opportunity to meet different people from other countries like their
culture. Due to this experience I have an understanding of the different cultures of the world.
This helped me have a more open mind and understand differences. This will help with my goal
of traveling to countries where the first language is Spanish and understand more about their