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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in EDLE & CUIN

Name:Muhammet Talha Erer_________

Date: 09/17/2015___________

Topic Selected: What are the Educational uses of Facebook or other social media

(e.g. twitter) (K-12 or higher education)

What does the literature/research say about this issue/topic? By using NAU
Library or Online Search engines, conduct a literature review.

You need to include 5 different sources (book, journal article, web article
etc.) in your review. Try to use current sources as much as possible.

You need to summarize and synthesize your sources by discussing a

common theme or issue.

You don't need to critique your sources

You don't need to evaluate your sources (if the sources are trustworthy,
weather the author has a bias or not)

You need to provide background information such as history and


Brief Literature Review:

The internet started in the 1960s as a way for government researches to share
information. However January 1, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the internet.
Contrary to the prior network, a standard new communications protocol was established
called transfer control protocol/internet work protocol. This allowed different kinds of
computer on networks to talk to each other, connected by a universal language. Since its
creation people have been fascinated by all the improvement of the internet such as social
media, the ability to communicate and share information with everybody from all across
the globe. Faculty and students routinely use Facebook and other social media in their
personal lines. So how might those same tools be put to academic use? (Lynne Obrien,
PhD Duke, CIT April 4th, 2012).


What is your personal opinion on this issue? Do you agree with the
research? If you agree or disagree, please explain why?
Provide examples/experiences regarding this issue from school
perspective or If you are not working in a school, from your profession. Be
specific with your examples. You can mention software/hardware names,
specific methods that you plan to use, etc.
How would you implement this research in your career? (At least 1

The world is using social media and interacting online in ways that we were not within
the school system said Rebecca Amani-Dove. (Communications director of Howard
County Public Schools.). However, accordingly to Lynne O Brien social media can be
used to amassed pictures and information to share with classmate or with interest groups
that cut across courses and institutions.
I agree with the research because, now a days technology has advance and is almost
indispensable to our existence. The education system should adapt and progress in the
same path. Social media can be very useful and has made communication a lot easier.
For example; A. Adam Glenns article how educators and using interest for
showcasing, creating provides several examples of collecting and sharing images in art,
journalism and business classes. (From the PBS blog Radio shift, March 20, 2012).
Social media can be used to keep parents, teachers and students all on the same page. For
example: social media can be helpful for a better parental monitoring of the student
progress. Teacher can post about class activities, homework assignments and even school
event visible to student and parents.
According to Columbia, Md., schools prepare students for the real world, and sometimes

that real world means resisting the urge to check Facebook or other social media now and
However social media is part of our lives and can be implemented in educational
institution by maintaining the students interest of social media in an educational purpose.
Example For Howard county night school students, social media are a part of everyday
life, even when school is in session. (Omar Jimenez new reporter, 09/01/2015)


Cite at least 5 References in APA.

You may use for citing
your sources in APA style.

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the classroom. Retrieved September 1, 2015. From
2- A project of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Galileo,(2015,
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