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To: Mr.

Jarrett Williams
From: Ashley Priego
Date: November 21, 2015
Subject: Advocacy on poverty awareness in El Paso
The three posters created were used to demonstrate the
important issue of poverty in El Paso, ways to support and promote help
for those affected by this issue, and finally a possible long-term solution
to the problem. My first poster was used to get others interested in the
issue of poverty in El Paso. The picture that was used as the background
and the statement, Poverty: Its happening in your own backyard was
chosen to provoke the pathos aspect of the visual. I used this to show
the viewers that although we hear about issues with poverty and a large
amount of homeless people found in other cities, it is also a big problem
right here in the EL Paso community. The lady lying down on the floor
looks sad and cold, and was chosen to show what kinds of struggles
these people go through and hopefully cause the viewer to feel sorry for
those in need. A statistic from the US Census Bureau on the amount of
El Pasoans struggling with poverty was also added to provide credibility
to the poster and give an insight on how big of an issue this truly is. The
overall tone of this poster was serious and it was used to set the mood
of what the community issue is.
My second poster was used to try and gain support for the issue.
The Salvation Army is one of the biggest providers of relief, so they were
used as the basis. An estimated number of El Pasoans that had been
helped by this organization was used to provide credibility and proof
that supporting this organization would be of good use to the citizens. A
set of contact information was also provided so that those who were
interested in the cause had an easy way to receive more information on
how they could help. The picture that had been used in the background
was chosen to affect the emotions of the viewers, as it seems to be
showing a woman who had been helped and was in tears because of
how thankful she was. Finally, I chose to put a quote to tie the poster
together to show why people should care and how helping with poverty
would also help other aspects of the community, and the world as a
My final poster was a possible solution to the growing poverty
level. Doing research on the issue, I found that there is a strong
correlation between a low level of education and a higher risk of living in
poverty. Since El Paso has a low amount of college graduates when
compared to other big cities, I proposed that educating people on the
importance of an education would help increase the number of
graduations and therefore lower poverty levels. This poster was more
lighthearted as I decided to put a young boy in a graduation gown as
the background to catch attention in hopes that he be seen as cute and
adorable. I also added a statistic that not going to college adds a very
large chance of living in poverty in order to provide credibility. I chose to

put the solution in a bold, red color so that it catches the viewers
attention and emphasizes the solution. Overall, my poster series
consisted of a more serious tone and used visuals, text, ethos, pathos
and logos to try and get the message across in an efficient manner.
Ashley Priego