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Top 10
Angela Grose
Top 10 List of reasons to use technology in the classroom for me where a lot of the
same as the video. I have taken a lot of on line courses and many of the reason were
right on spot.
1. I love technology as much as kids do. I will want to use technology for many reasons
in my classroom.
2. I love that technology can help me save time on grading tests.
3. I love that technology can help with different learning styles. I appreciate a lecture on
line, or an example online that I can refer to multiple times during an assignment.
4. I love that technology can put experts, and useful information at the finger tips for
teachers and students.
5. I love that technology can save money with less paper being used for printed books
and then the children/college students are not carrying around a heavy book bag. Along
with all the free resources teachers have to supply to their class that they dont have to
spend money on.
6. I love that using technology can reach the children because they are always using it,
so teachers may as well use it to reach them.
7. I love that using technology in the classroom can prepare children for use of
technology later in life.
8. I love that using technology can overcome obstacles such as hearing or seeing
impaired. I have a hearing impairment from childhood, so I completely understand this
one. I can put headphones on and really hear a lecture.
9. I will love using technology to teach a new and fun activity to my classroom.
10. I love that technology encourages completion of homework. I found while I was
taking an online math class, mymathlab really helped to complete and learn the

2. Introduction
Angela Grose
Hello, my name is Angela Grose. I am a grandma of two, and I am raising my 4 year old
granddaughter that I just adopted with my fianc. My fianc works two jobs right now so I may
pursue my education and be home with our granddaughter. I am working on my Bachelors in
English. I enjoy anything paranormal. We just got back from a ghost hunt in Kentucky at
Waverly Hills Sanatorium with Steve and Tango from the TV show Ghost Hunters. It was
amazing and fun with some great paranormal activity.
I hope to teach 2nd or 3rd, maybe college level. I most often use a computer as a student by
researching or typing out my homework on Microsoft word, sometimes I use PowerPoint for a
presentation. My instructors have had us do presentations on the computers at IPFW. We were
allowed to present videos and use any kind of application to get our points across. I feel I have a
good handle on the computer. I have taken a few computer classes and I know my way around
the computer a bit.
There are many apps out there that can help students learn what they need to. I have had a few
instructors who have provided links to these apps and they help the students to retain information
in an easy fashion. I feel that computers in the classroom in the future will be an excellent
learning tool. There are just endless ways to use the help of the computer in the classroom for the
students to learn. I see myself using the computer to learn and grow as a person and a teacher.
The computer provides endless new ways to teach and learn. Ways to make learning fun, like I hope to gain effective ways to help myself and my future students learn, keep
learning, growing and become productive adults in this class.
3. Diigo in the classroom
Angela Grose
The teacher in the video used diigo to organize her students research so everyone could benefit
from the research on the subjects. It made it very easy for all the students to be able to go into
diigo and share and use all the research.
I am thinking I would like to teach second or third grade level, or college. I dont see the second
or third graders using diigo to much because they are so young, but college could possibly use it.
If the students have a collaborative project it could be very useful for them.
4. Diigo Username
Angela Grose

5. Session 4 Discussion
Angela Grose
There are many different ways people can learn. As a teacher or college instructor it is up to you
to make sure students are learning in the best way that suits them. Whether that means you as
the teacher need to get to know how your students learn and make sure they are getting the
best resources for the way they learn. Or as an instructor you teach children how they best learn
and present the material for them to pick the best way they learn. Either way students need to
be made aware that everyone learns different and we need to figure out the best way to teach
them, to make sure that all learning material is offered in many ways to accommodate the
different learning styles.

6. Cool Tool
Angela Grose

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Angela Grose
After reading the four articles, I thought they were more on the technical side of what has to
happen if BYOD is to happen in schools. While I feel having BYOD in schools is a great idea
because it can save costs for schools (schools could use funding for students who financially
need help attaining their own device), students are more familiar with their own devices, and
ease getting to projects students are working on. The technical side would really not be much of
a concern for teachers, there is professionals that deal with that, or a specific in house committee
that would deal with it. While I can see the cost for schools initially and annually to retain the
structures needed for BYOD is substantial, I do see the benefits. I do think teaching students
eventually will be more using technology vs books. And because you can get books online,
schools would be saving cost on books, paper, and printing ink. There is also the saving of
teacher and student time in technology. Technology is faster than looking things up in a book,
and technology also helps teachers grade, set up calendars, and allow for teachers to provide
links to certain learning materials for students at the press of a button. I have already seen the
ways BYOD can work in my classrooms, whether it be to look up the time, look up the meaning
of a word, or even look at a syllabus or assignment sheet for reference. Technology is available
for us, and students love to use, so why not integrate it into BYOD?
8. Web Tools
Angela Grose

I plan on teaching on online writing course when I receive my degree, so I would have to
say one of the tools I would use would be a research tool to help my students with research. I
would share links with my students such as, IUCAT and Helmke Library. I would also share

How to use the FINDIT feature for my students to help guide them through finding relevant

Moodle could also be a useful tool for creating an online classroom for my students and
I. Moodle allows the teacher to share lectures, activities, discussions, chats, private emails with
students to become an excellent online classroom. Being an online course, I will have to use
technology to help me teach the assignments. Having a tool that gives the course an online
classroom is helpful for both the teacher and students because then the students have different
resources to help them succeed.