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J.M. Consulting
Team Members: Corrie Breshears, Jennifer Godden, Lauren Hershey, Emily Meyer
Our team excels at helping upcoming companies thrive in a competitive market. By making a
strong marketing plan and attracting new clientele, we will help your company rise to the top.

Team Goals
Main Objectives:
1) Create an effective plan to help a company by the end of the semester
2) Finish the project within the specified guidelines
3) Working well together and not having to fire any team members
End Product:
- Create a work plan that we are proud to represent
- Create a work plan that a company would like to implement
- Help a company succeed in bettering their business
Team Meetings:
- Meet during class times
- Meet out of class when necessary (usually before 11:00 class)
- Show up to all team meetings
- Do fair share of work
Team Interactions:
-Treat everyone with respect
- Help each other when needed
- Distribute the work evenly
- Trust within the group
- Hold each other accountable for their share of the work
- Distribute the work evenly as a group
- Make sure everyone is doing fair share of project
- Use peoples strengths to distribute tasks

Group Leader and Supporter: Everyone
-Everyone will take the lead in different parts of the project
-Group leaders will help execute parts of the project to make sure the group is
participating and working together for a common goal
-Everyone will support each other to work cohesively as team
-Members will help each other with struggles during the assignment
Meeting Organizer: Emily
- Coordinates meetings with group members, professor, company, and/or others
- Helps determine if there is a need for extra meeting time
Historian: Corrie
-Takes notes during meetings
-Provides team members with overview of notes
Document Creator: Jenny
-Oversees the creation of the document
-Maintains Google Doc for communication
Contact Person: Lauren
-Contributes when it comes to contacting and reaching the group members and others
-Contacts group when due dates are approaching
- Communication is necessary
- Respond to emails within 24 hours
- Respond to texts within 3 hours (unless during 10pm-9am)
- Clear and open within teammates
- All members participate in meetings and decision-making
- Show up to all meetings unless a valid excuse (ex. work or emergencies)
- Be on time to meetings (15 minutes late considered absent)
- Contribute to meetings (Give new opinions, comments, ideas, etc.)
- Come prepared with tasks completed (with previously assigned tasks)
- Complete all assigned tasks on time with the best quality
- Minimal errors on tasks
- Ask questions if unsure to prevent falling behind or going in wrong direction

Accountability: Behavioral or Contribution Issues

- Failure to respond within the time limits to either texts or emails results in a strike
- Two or more team members confirm complaints about attitude/contribution issues
results in a strike
- Failure to show to meeting without excuse results in a strike
- Failure to show up on time to meeting results in a strike
- Failure to come to meeting with tasks completed results in a strike
- Failure to complete assigned tasks on time results in a strike
- If significant amount of time (+30 minutes) is needed to edit a members work, then a
Non-Participating Members:
1. First strike involves a team discussion and warning
2. Second strike results in group member having to bring snacks to the next group meeting
3. Third strike results in being assigned an extra portion of work for the project


Team Name: J. M. Consulting
Member Names: Jennifer Godden, Corrie Breshears, Lauren Hershey, Emily Meyer
Contact Information:
Slogan: Guidance, the way to perfection.


Team Name: J.M. Consulting
Team Members: Corrie Breshears, Jennifer Godden, Lauren Hershey, Emily Meyer
Client: Crazy Cakes
Client Description
Crazy Cakes is a local food truck in Harrisonburg, VA. The food truck features specialty
pancakes that are too good for syrup since theyre already stacked with other ingredients on
top. Crazy Cakes LLC food truck is currently co-owned by Elizabeth Easter and Chad Oakes.
They are based out of the Tractor Supply parking lot Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Crazy
Cakes is seeking additional clientele by locating at other events or other parking lots as
Current Needs
Since Crazy Cakes is a new food truck, their current need is marketing. Their main focus is to
reach out to the JMU community. They need assistance with building a larger customer base
through social media, with a particular focus on Twitter. Crazy Cakes could potentially have an
agreement to set up in the Outpost parking lot once they have establish a higher JMU clientele.
Potential Deliverables Discussed with Crazy Cakes

Flyers to pass out around JMU campus

Create Twitter account and help owners understand how to use Twitter

Create Instagram account to get more marketing and pictures out to the community

Develop Crazy Cakes website

Create Hootsuite account.


Group Name: J. M. Consulting
Group Members: Corrie Breshears, Jennifer Godden, Lauren Hershey, Emily Meyer
Client Name: Crazy Cakes
Contact within Organization: Chad Oaks and Elizabeth Easter
Contact info: Facebook (in person contacts- Chad and Corrie are current co-workers)
Initial Meeting
Below are questions from the initial meeting conducted by J. M. Consulting. The responses were
answered by Crazy Cakes co-owner, Elizabeth Easter. Due to weather constraints, the interview
was done through email. Further follow-up will be concluded.
What are your desires for Crazy Cakes at the moment?
Make a brand and name for ourselves. Find more places to set up (or a set location). Make
delicious pancakes for the masses
Are those currently being met? If so, how? If not, why?
Yes. We are getting our name out there but it is slow going. We cant find enough places to let us
set up so we can hit our target market.
2. What are you doing best right now?
We have our pancake recipes and our set up down. We can pack and unload the car in about 30
Where do you most need improvement?
Marketing. Once we find places to set up we need to be able to get our name out.
Is that something we could help you with?
Yes you can definitely help us with that.
4. Who are all the employees/stakeholders in Crazy Cakes?
Chad Oakes, Devon Mayfield, Elizabeth Easter
5. When were you officially in business?
August 13, 2015
6. Where are you in business?
Our location is mobile. We started in Harrisonburg but we travel to different areas of the county.
In Harrisonburg we set up Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at Tractor Supply
Specifically, what would you like our help with?
a. Reaching out to the JMU community
Find exciting ways to market to students and townies


Find organizations on campus to do catering events

8. What are your goals for the organization itself? Goals from this project?
Become billionaires!! Make people happy with our delicious pancakes. Become a selfsustainable business. Find a stable location/schedule
Goals from this Project:
Find a larger customer base
Find new locations
Learn about social media
9. Would you want us to set something up, so when the semester is over, you are still
getting some kind of help?
Yes, we never turn down help
10. Are there specific deadlines for your business that we need to keep into consideration?
Down season/winter unless we find an inside location
11. Is there any restrictions for us as a team, that should not be overstepped? (EX: talking
to customers, posting information on social media?)
As long as all final decisions are cleared by us, we see no need for restrictions.
12. Also, the group would like to do a customer survey. That would include questions such
as, how did you hear about us?, Which form of social media do you use most often?,
and What is your age?. Would you be okay with use leaving that with you all for a few
business days so that customers can fill those out as they wait for the pancakes?
We could pick up the survey after a few days.
And we like the survey idea. We should keep it with us for a few events since every time we set
up we target a different market.
We like all the ideas youve suggested. Also we would like to look into having a fundraiser to
help us get a store. (If thats legally possible) That way our business isnt seasonal) We were
thinking about an all-you-can-eat pancake social where they pay $20 in advance/$25 at the door.
They will receive a ticket with a time limit and they have to show that every time they order a
Also, could you all help us with a 5 year business plan?

Tasks and Responsibilities



Who is Responsible


Interview client

To get feedback from their

side and find out what they
would like

The whole team


Have existing
customers fill out
question card

Find out how people are

hearing about crazy cakes

Corrie and Emily

9/29/15- 10/9/15

Database research

Gather information about

college students use of social


9/29/15 10/15/15

Create an
Instagram and

To enhance the marketing


Emily and Lauren


Check for follower


To see if there are changes

needed; determine how the
accounts are going


10/1/15throughout the

Check in with
client on business

To see if we need another way Corrie

to market


Analyze data from

customer and JMU

Create marketing strategy

based on results



Create final
presentation and
Design Report

To show the class and the

client what we have
accomplished throughout the

The whole team will

help create and put


Milestones & Goals




Prepare for initial meeting with

Crazy Cakes

Get background on the company

Look up company on Facebook and the internet
Create interview questions
Be prepared with ideas for company

Meet with Crazy Cakes and

Gather Data

Get information on exactly what they would like

to be helped with
Agree on a plan of action
Get information about their clientele by leaving
questionnaires at truck to be filled out

Finalize Proposal and Plan of


Complete Proposal through

marketing and advertising for
Crazy Cakes

Final Presentation

Meet with Dr. Noorie to discuss proposal for

Meet with Crazy Cakes to discuss proposal for
Determine specific dates and timeline for proposal
Create more social media accounts for the
Help them with advertising
Spread the word about Crazy Cakes to JMU
Help Crazy Cakes get a bigger clientele base
Prior to presentation, review final evaluation
report with company
A finalized report will be given to Crazy Cakes of
our work and progress made in helping the
Come prepared to class to present our work
throughout the semester
Our work with Crazy Cakes will also be
discussed and displayed in full to our class during
final presentation


Data Collection Proposal

The team will create a survey to be handed out to the customers at Crazy Cakes. The survey
will ask questions to determine who Crazy Cakes current clientele are and how the customers
are hearing about Crazy Cakes. The information is being gathered to see how the company is
getting their current clientele. This can help J. M. Consulting focus on how to expand Crazy
Cakes customer base. The team will also be researching what marketing platforms will be the
most effective strategy for Crazy Cakes. The following are the questions that will be on the

How did you hear about us?

How old are you?
Are you a college student?
What forms of social media do you use?



Methods of Collecting Data
The first method that was used to collect data was a short, five question survey given to
the owners of Crazy Cakes. The questions were simple (I.E. What social media do you use?)
and to the point. It was intended that the owners would hand out the half slips of paper to their
customers as they waited for their pancakes. However, due to the rainstorm over the weekend,
Crazy Cakes had little to no customers. This proved our data collection method pointless.
So, from there we created a Surveymonkey account. Once again, the survey was kept to 8
questions (I.E. What food truck have you visited in Harrisonburg?) and concise. This proved to
be most beneficial for the team as we received 59 responses within 3 days. The surveys were sent
out through social media requests by the group members of J.M. Consulting and completed
Thirdly, we interviewed 3 individuals in person. The questions were the same as the
online survey in order to keep consistency, but get more depth into the questions.
The last form of data collection that was completed was a research journal article called
Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults. The article compares
how teenagers, young adults, and older adults use social media differently than one another. It
includes statistics about Facebook use, how much time people spend online, and how many
social media accounts people subscribe


Data Summary and Results:

1. Survey Results
Question 1: As seen in question
number 1, the prime social media
for Crazy Cakes to utilize is
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and
Snap Chat (all of which the client
mentioned using, except Snap
However, due to the 100% usage
rate for Facebook, it is possible
the results were skewed. This is
because all the survey requests
sent out to people were done
through Facebook, so clearly
everyone should have marked
that answer. Nonetheless, it is still
apparent to see, Crazy Cakes
target market of JMU students,
absolutely use social media as a
key communication and/or
entertainment platform.
Question 2: Similar to question
1, the second question was also
skewed in responses. This is
clearly seen by the nearly 70%
difference in genders. All
members of J.M. Consulting are
female, so when the survey
requests were sent out there were
clearly going to be more female
responses. Knowing the gender
does not provide any relevant
information for Crazy Cakes.


Questions 3, 4, and 5: At JMU,

freshman are not allowed
vehicles. So, realistically, if a lot
of freshman answered the survey,
we would see a lot of walk or
bike responses. However, this
in not the case for this survey.
The most common answers were
Seniors partaking about 66% of
the respondents. Once again, this
could have been skewed on who
we requested survey answers
However, it is clear (from theory)
that upperclassman have the form
of transportation to go the extra
few miles where Crazy Cakes is
The biggest concern is the
walking distance response of
nearly 29% of all respondents.
This is solely because Crazy
Cakes is not located in walking
distance from the campus or most
apartment complexes.


Question 6: Question 6 was

intended to see how often
respondents patronize Crazy
Cakes competition in
Harrisonburg. While question 7
was to see who the competition is
(as an open-ended response
Unfortunately, it is clear to see
that 61% of the 59 respondents
have never been to a food truck.
Fortunately, however, this give
Crazy Cakes enough room to
convert prospects into consumers.
The remaining 39% are the
consumers whom Crazy Cakes
will fight to turn away from
The biggest competition in
Harrisonburg is the Grilled
Cheese Truck (42%) followed by
Mexican food trucks (22%) and
Ice Cream trucks (11%). This
could be because of their high
product and brand awareness
across the JMU population.

Question 7: Before determining

any target market, it is important
to even know if that population is
interested in your product As seen
in these result, more than half of
the respondents were willing to
visit Crazy Cakes. However,
nearly 45% were either uncertain
or decided they would not visit a
pancake truck. This being said,
our marketing efforts for Crazy
Cakes has to be directed towards
the 56% that will visit, because
they then would help promote the
truck through social media.


Database research and summary

As seen in the database research from Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among
Teens and Young Adults, our target market constitutes of 72% of online 18-29 year olds use
social networking websites, nearly identical to the rate among teens, and significantly higher
than the 39% of Internet users ages 30 and up who use these sites. (p. 3) This provides even
more strength into our support of using social media as a marketing platform for Crazy Cakes.
In addition, Young adults lead the way when it comes to using Twitter or status updating. Onethird of online 18-29 year olds post or read status updates. (p. 3). This is important to keep in
mind for Crazy Cakes. Currently, they are only utilizing Facebook, however, if they want to
reach their target market more efficiently and effectively, they should be using twitter as well.
This, as mentioned earlier, will also help promote product and brand awareness through
consumer word of mouth.
One on one interviews:
Survey from Caroline Cheatham:
What is your favorite social media accounts?
Instagram because I like posting pictures and I like to see what other people are doing
How often do you visit a food truck each month?
What would make you go to a food truck more often?
If it was closer to my home and we had more options.
How far would you travel to get to a food truck?
I would drive about 5 or 10 minutes.
Would you visit a pancake food truck, why or why not?
Sure, I love pancakes. I could eat them at any time of the day.

Survey from Claire Owen

What social media account do you believe to be most effective when trying to gain
Instagram: I follow a lot of food accounts and I always want to try the things that I see.


What are your thoughts on food trucks?:

I like them, I think they have a lot of original foods that you cannot get just anywhere.
Would you visit a pancake food truck?
Yes, I love pancakes. Especially chocolate chips ones.

Survey from Emily Hicks

What social media do you use most often and why?
Facebook and Instagram, because I enjoy seeing what other people take pictures of and enjoy
sharing my own pictures for people to see.
Do you ever visit a food truck?
Ive gone to a couple, but not many in the past. It depends on the weather.
How far would you travel to get to a food truck?
If it is a really good food truck then I would travel several miles. However, typically only up to
10 miles.
Would you visit a pancake food truck? Why or why not?
Yes! it is so unique and different!
Interview Summary
As seen in all three interviews, Crazy Cakes demographics love using Instagram. They
especially like to see (rather than read) what people are doing (and vise versa). This would be
beneficial to Crazy Cakes because they can essentially sell their food through the looks of
pancakes alone. If one person posts a picture on Instagram, then someone else would potentially
want to try the food, then they too would post pictures. This creates a domino effect. Lastly,
when asked if they would visit a food truck, all three interviewees seemed to have a great
interest- due to its unique benefit and product.

What does this mean for your project?

It is important to know your clientele when marketing for a company. Crazy Cakes has
currently addressed that they would like to reach out more to James Madison University
students. Based on our research we have concluded that reaching out through social media will

be a successful resource to advertise to college students. Based on a survey conducted on

college students at JMU, all students are active on at least one form on social media. J.M.
Consulting must use the survey results to decide which forms of social media will be the most
beneficial for Crazy Cakes.
The Social Media & Mobile Internet use Among Teens and Young Adults article
compared how different age groups participate in social media. The articles studies revealed the
following information about who uses any form of social media online: 93% teens (12-17), 93%
Young adults (18-29), 81% Adults (30-49). 70% Adults (50-64). 38% 65+ (p. 5).
One of the main relevant points that the article includes is that young adults are one of the
primary users of social media. By reaching out through social media, Crazy Cakes can have
success at gaining new clientele if they are trying to focus on JMU students. Another thing to
consider though is if Crazy Cakes should only focus on college students or if they should branch
out to other customers. Crazy Cakes must consider who their other clientele could potentially
be. If a large portion of their clientele could come from people who are over 29, reaching out
through social media will decline in being effective as the customers ages increase. Crazy
Cakes must consider who their potential clients are, and what will be the most effective form of
marketing for their target audience.

Learner and Context Analysis

Originally, our client was aiming to make twitter their primary marketing tool. After
looking at our results, twitter is no longer the most popular form of social media, and we do not
believe it will be as effective. Based on the data collected, we have come to the conclusion that
our main focus should be on Instagram because of the high percentage of people that claimed
they were active users on Instagram. It will provide pictures to the public that our entire target
market will be able to see that will entice them to visit the truck. Based on the feedback we
received, it has come to our attention that Snapchat is another form of social media that is widely
used among JMU students. Therefore, we will also create a Snapchat account so that people can
see daily items on the menu and have a back and forth form of communication. After creating
these accounts, we can use our personal followers to epidemically spread the existence of our
new Crazy Cakes social media. Since our survey was solely taken by JMU students, we believe
that with these two forms of marketing we have a good chance at reaching out to them to help
increase business for the new upcoming food truck.

General Characteristics
Age range of learners: Participants were aged 18-24 years old

Average age: The average age of the participants of the survey was 21 years old
Educational experience: All of our participants are students at James Madison University. They
are all in the process of getting either their Bachelors Degree or their Master's Degree.
Gender ratio: 50:9 girls to boys
Existing skills: All of our participants are very aware of food trucks and what they entail. They
are intelligent enough to know what they want and were able to answer each question on the
survey thoughtfully and to the best of their ability.
Motivation: The motivation for the participants is to get a new and yummy food truck in their
community. We promoted the survey by saying it was about food trucks in Harrisonburg so
more people would be inclined to take it. Every person wants what is best for their community,
so their motivation behind this survey is to be able to achieve that in some way.
Attitudes: As shown from the survey, the participants were very open to visiting food trucks.
Many of them have visited them in the past. More than half of the participants said they would
go to a Pancake specific food truck.
Biases: There could be some bias in our data due to the fact that most of the information we
obtained was from females. Also, we sent out this survey to groups we are involved with at JMU,
therefore we have some connection with everyone who took the survey. Therefore, it is not
completely random. Also, as shown in the mentioned study above, persons in the older
generations are not using social media as much as the younger generations now are. Therefore,
the older generations will not be as likely to take surveys or become aware of Crazy Cakes from
their social media accounts.
Other experiences: Many of the participants of the survey had previously been to other food
trucks. For example, some of these food trucks included a grilled cheese truck, Mexican food
truck, lobster truck, sandwich truck, etc.
Related training already received: Many of the participants in the survey have taken many
previous surveys throughout their college career. They know how to use these surveys, websites,
and know how to answer these questions. They also have a college education.
Resource available to learners: As of now, Crazy Cakes has a Facebook page that customers
and participants of the survey could look at to get a better idea of their company. They also have
their skills they have acquired at JMU about new company start-ups and about surveying the
Physical characteristics: Harrisonburg, VA is filled with restaurants and companies. In the
rolling hills of the city there are many local companies also. There is even a food truck lot where


local food trucks come to reach the JMU population. Every member of the Harrisonburg
community is kind and shows respect to companies and each other.
Environmental characteristics: Harrisonburg is a city in Rockingham County, Virginia in the
Shenandoah Valley. It is a moderate size city, but has a small town vibe due to James Madison
University being located here. The students and companies make up a lot of the income in
Harrisonburg. There are many companies and restaurants that thrive in Harrisonburg.
Therefore, there is competition in the food business industry that Crazy Cakes will have to
compete with for peoples business.

Description of your target population:

Currently, the target population is the residents around the Harrisonburg community.
However, now we are trying to more specifically gain the attention of students at James Madison
University. We will focus mainly on upper classmen, or students that have access to a vehicle,
since it is necessary to get to the food truck. The most cooperating of our target population will
most likely be people that have previously had pleasant experiences eating at food trucks.
Therefore, we will concentrate on getting the attention of people who have yet to have the
pleasure of eating at a Harrisonburg food truck.

Works Cited:
Lenhart, A., Purcell, K., Smith, A., & Author, B. B. (2010). Social Media & Mobile Internet Use
Among Teens and Young Adults. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from



Organizational Goal
The over-lining goal of this project to raise brand awareness and increase engagement among
different market segments (particularly the JMU community and local businesses) for the new
food truck/catering services, Crazy Cakes. Currently, Crazy Cakes has low brand awareness
and low engagement on social media sites. Therefore, we recommend using several different
strategies in order to achieve this organizational goal. However, each deliverable has its own
unique performance goal, as listed below:

Logo: (Appendix A)
o Target market: Everyone
o Individual deliverable goal: The main goal of a business logo is to portray brand
persona and personality. In addition, the consumers would be able to remember
the company easier and faster by remembering the look of the logo. The logo
would have Crazy Cakes name as well as a picture representing the business.
o Performance goal: After completion of 5 different logos to choose from, Crazy
Cakes would have a distinguishable and recognizable brand name to increase

brand remembrance.
Business Cards: (Appendix B)
*Business card colors can change based on the logo selected.
o Target market: Local, Harrisonburg businesses and JMU organizations
o Individual deliverable goal: The main goal of the business cards is to convey
relevant and important contact information. The cards will also allow the
consumers to remember Crazy Cakes after a first meeting or visit to the truck,
due to the long life time value of business cards. In addition, the cards would
allow another avenue to represent their services, brand persona, and company
values. Lastly, in hopes to increase social media presence, awareness, and

engagement, the business cards will direct the consumer back to the social media
sites and company website.
o Performance goal: After completion of the business card, Crazy Cakes will be
able to have 5 options of business card designs. This would allow Crazy Cakes to
ensure information, company values, and brand persona are all portrayed correctly
and accurately. In addition, Crazy Cakes will be able to easily and readily hand
out their information (in a different manner that does not involve consumers to go
online as they are currently doing). Lastly, the wide selection of business cards
allows Crazy Cakes to have a backup resource, if their current business card it

not effective or their brand persona changes in relation to season change.

Company Website Creation: (Appendix C)

*Once approved by Crazy Cakes (budgeted to be around $60 for 6 months), the domain
name will change, as desired by the client.
o Target market: All consumers in the Harrisonburg and surrounding areas
o Individual deliverable goal: The individual deliverable goal is to act as an endsall means. This site would be the venue to receive event and contact information.
It would also have Crazy Cakes menu selection, because they currently offer a
call-in option (when in season). All social media sites would guide the consumer
back to the website and vise versa back to the social media sites. Essentially, the
website would act as an informational hub, due to the fact that social media sites
typically do not have a lot of deep information. Lastly, the company website
would better portray the brand persona and company values through the selected
voice of information, theme, and website flow/layout.
o Performance goal: The website would allow Crazy Cakes to have a place to
elaborate deeper on information that could not be explained on the social media
sites. Customers will be able to explore the different services that Crazy Cakes

offers such as catering and events. They will also have access to all current
information including their hours and locations. Rather than focusing on finding
new customers like the social media sites will be doing, the website will focus as

a way to keep current and potential customers informed.

Social Media Content Support: (Appendix D & E)
o Target market: Young adults, between the ages of 18-24 (particularly JMU
o Individual deliverable goal: The main goal of social media content support is to
increase brand presence, awareness, and engagement. As of today, Crazy Cakes
is low in all these areas. Therefore, the accounts will serve as an information
venue. Relevant event content would be posted, and kept as records, to deliver to
Crazy Cakes. In addition, they will have more followers by the help of J.M.
Consultings efforts on personal social media accounts.
o Performance goal: Through the help of content creation and posting, they will be
able to have guided examples of what to post, when to post, and how often to post
on social media sites.

If the organizational goals, individual deliverable goals, and performance goals are all achieved,
then Crazy Cakes will have higher profits (as hoped for by Mrs. Easter in a previous interview)
and overall more opportunities come spring season.

Identify Crazy Cakes marketing needs

Improve current social media to appeal more to potential customers
Reach out to a new demographic of customers through social media
Create a website to provide information about Crazy Cakes such as their services and

Help Crazy Cakes connect with other businesses to expand their location
Create a new logo that people will associate with Crazy Cakes

Conceptual Framework
Our main focus was on creating social media to help Crazy Cakes develop a new
marketing plan. When creating social media and marketing through technology, we had to
consider how the Social Learning theory would affect the outcome of our strategy. The Social
Learning theory focuses on how people learn from one another. People are constantly watching
what others do, imitating, and modeling similar behaviors. This was something that J.M.
Consulting had to consider when using social media.
When considering Social Learning theory, it could be beneficial that people observe and
imitate each other. Using social media is one of the biggest forms of marketing. People enjoy
using it and share information with each other constantly. By marketing through social media for
Crazy Cakes, we were striving to attract new clientele and help put Crazy Cakes on the map.
On social media such as Instagram and Facebook, people observe which pages are getting more
followers, which then makes the page more appealing. When applying marketing to the Social
Learning theory, it is important to remember that people on social media help do the marketing
for you by spreading the word about your company to others.
Social Learning theory could also work against social media as well. One thing that J.M.
Consulting had to consider was Crazy Cakes current location. Crazy Cakes location was
somewhat close to JMU, but seemed to have a clientele at the time that was closer to their
location and was in the area to shop at other businesses. Many of their customers were an older
crowd who might not have used social media as much as students. Statics show that older adults
have less social media accounts and post less often in comparison to young adults who often


have multiple accounts and put posts up regularly. Another thing to consider about social media
and the Social Learning theory is that spreading information can work in multiple different ways.
Not only could spreading information lead to a positive outcome, there is also the possibility of
negative information being spread as well. Since Crazy Cakes currently does not have a large
customer base, it could be very harmful to them if anyone put a post up saying they did not have
a good experience at Crazy Cakes. Once they build their clientele, one harmful statement would
not be as significant. But when initially beginning a company, the companys reputation is vital.

Implementation Plan
In November we will begin working on our products and services for Crazy Cakes. We
will be creating a website, business card, logo, and work on their social media accounts. We will
be working on bettering their social media accounts throughout the rest of the semester. There
will be a final evaluation of our work on December 1, 2015. The website and business card will

be created and implemented by December 1, 2015. We will show our clients all of the products
we have created for them through an email containing everything we have done. We will then
ask for their feedback and any suggestions they have for us. If there is anything else our clients
would like from us, we will meet in-person and resolve any finishing touches with our work for
Crazy Cakes. We will then present our information to our HRD class on December 8, 2015 and
show them what we have completed throughout the semester. There will be no incurred costs
from our products.
Resources Needed
The main resources we will need in order to implement our plan for Crazy Cakes are the
Internet and computers. This is where we will create their website and logos for them to use to
promote their company. We also will need access to social media (whether on a smartphone or a
computer) and their accounts. They have disclosed to us their login information for their various
social media accounts. We will need information and pictures about Crazy Cakes to include on
their website and in their social media posts. We will not need any resources that cost money or
are unattainable.
Feedback from Client
Communication with Crazy Cakes has been difficult so we have somewhat taken matters
into our own hands on what we think would be most beneficial to their business. An Instagram
and Twitter accounts have both been created for marketing purposes. However, from the
feedback we have received, they are expecting us to help Crazy Cakes gain followers and make
posts to build their target market. Currently, they are also focusing greatly on working events
and partnering up with other businesses such as Three Notch Brewery. We have since decided

from talking to them that we would help promote their business by using a website, logos,
business cards, social media posts, etc. to build their own clientele.
Evaluation Plan
We will measure our success levels by monitoring social media accounts on how many
followers we gain, and how much attention the accounts are getting from the focused target
market. We will make adjustments accordingly based on how people are responding to our social
media. We will also be evaluated by the website and business cards we are making for Crazy
Cakes. We will be able to see if Crazy Cakes is getting a greater clientele and more recognition
from our work. There will be goals set for certain dates on where we want to be in order to keep
our work up to par. Our client will also be able to evaluate how well we serviced and helped
their business at the end of the semester.



Recommendations for Client
The goal of J.M. Consultings recommendations will be to help Crazy Cakes improve
their social media, attract more customers, and to provide more accessible Crazy Cakes
information. When first working with Crazy Cakes we wanted them to consider who is their
clientele now, and who are they trying to reach out to. It was clear that Crazy Cakes wanted to
target JMU students for a new customer base. What was not clear was how they were reaching
out to the JMU community. Although Crazy Cakes had already made a few social media
accounts, students were still not very familiar with their business. At that point we realized that
we needed to help Crazy Cakes market to JMU students by helping network for them since we
are a part of the JMU community. J.M. Consulting has reached out to the JMU community
through surveys and will continue to try to build more JMU followers on social media accounts.
Another problem we had identified is that Crazy Cakes information about their business
is not very clear. They share information such as their hours and events spread out on Facebook,


but it does not give their customers a clear view of the services they offer and their locations.
The J.M. Consulting team will help Crazy Cakes by creating a website that will have one clear
location that customers can use as a resource when trying to find out information about Crazy
Cakes. The website will include information such as their current hours, weather policies for
closing, upcoming events, contact information, and more. The information will be set up in a
much clearer format so the customers do not have to search multiple pages to find the
information they need. The website will also have links to all of Crazy Cakes social media
pages so that current followers will be able to easily access the sites.

Appendix A) Logo Options



Appendix B) Business Card Options




Appendix C) Website Creation

Home Page


Menu Page


Events Page


Gallery Page


Contact Page

Appendix D) Twitter Content


Appendix E) Instagram Content