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Japanese Teachers Association of NSW (JTAN) Inc.

ABN 94 045 344 808

PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060

JTAN December Newsletter 2015

EXAM WRITING WORKSHOP 28th November 2015
JTAN would like to sincerely thank all the participants for contributing assessment tasks. We hope that
you have found the experience to be valuable and look forward to seeing you at the workshop again next
year. We also thank Rika Tsang of Open High School and Yuko Taki of St Augustine's College
Sydney for running the workshop successfully.
- From the Workshop Coordinators,
Kentaro & Hiromi


JTAN is proposing to run the following events in 2016. We would like all members to please ensure
that you read the January Newsletter, in which more detailed information and updated amendments will
be delivered.
27 Feb. (Sat)
19 Mar. (Sat)

18 Jun. (Sat)
4-6 Jul.
(Mon - Wed)
21 Jul. (Sat)
23 Jul. (Sat)
3 Sep. (Sat)
15 Oct. (Sat)

Extension Course Student Seminar
Teachers' Workshop
Australian Professional Standards for
Teachers and Accreditation Process
Teaching Anime in the Classroom
Year 12 Continuers Day (Oral only)
Teachers' Workshop
Immersion Program for Teachers
(2nights/3days program)
Year 10 Day
Year 12 Beginners Day (Oral, Reading
and Listening)
Teachers' Workshop
Sharing Resources
AGM & Teachers' Workshop
Visible Learning
Differentiating the classroom

Barker College
Japan Foundation Sydney (TBC)

North Sydney Boys High School

University of Sydney (TBC)

University of Sydney (TBC)

Shore School (TBC)
Japan Foundation Sydney (TBC)

Japan Foundation Sydney (TBC)

Japanese Teachers Association of NSW (JTAN) Inc.

ABN 94 045 344 808
PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060


The Japan Foundation, Sydney together with the Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education,
is very pleased to announce the dates for the third National Symposium on Japanese Language
Education (NSJLE) to be held in Melbourne.

4th and 5th November, 2016


REGISTER your interest now to receive updates:

Furthermore, JTAN will consider providing partial or full travel and accommodation expenses for
JTAN members who are selected to present for the NSJLE. Please send your self-introduction, the
abstract for your presentation and detailed travel and accommodation costs to This is an exciting opportunity for members, so please consider attending and
presenting your research results there!


A) Sakura Network Project Proposal
Seeking to recruit Script writers, Illustrators, Actors/Actresses and Movie makers
As informed in the previous Newsletter, JTAN has joined the Japan Foundation, Sakura Network. As
per the member agreement, JTAN has submitted a project grant application to the Japan Foundation.
In a JTAN survey conducted last February, a large number of Beginners course teachers requested
course-specific resources. Therefore, our proposed project will be to create a Beginners targeted
resource of module-based short videos, presenting target language, culture and other items in an
interesting and fun way through manga, skits and explanations. The grant applications are highly
competitive as The Sakura Network collects projects from all over the world. However, JTAN plans to
implement this project regardless of whether we are awarded the grant or not in order to support our
Japanese teaching community.

Japanese Teachers Association of NSW (JTAN) Inc.

ABN 94 045 344 808
PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060

We are seeking individuals who are interested in committing to this project from April 2016 until the
end of March 2017. In particular, we need script writers, illustrators, actors and actresses and movie
makers. The illustrators, actors and actresses can be your students. An honorarium will be rewarded at
the completion of the project, possibly in May 2017. Communication between the project participants
will primarily be carried out digitally, however there will be some face-to-face meetings as well.
At this stage, the project schedule is as follows:
21 Dec. 2015 - 15 Mar. 2016
20 Mar. 2016

2 Apr. 2016

3 Apr. 2016 - 5 Nov. 2016

3 Dec. 2016 - 4 Mar. 2017

31 Mar. 2017

JTAN Committee and volunteers create mapping grid for all
the video contents.
Selected script writers to:
Be informed of the first meeting date and venue
Be advised to examine the mapping grid
The first meeting:
Confirm the mapping grid
Allocate five video scripts to each of the script writers
Hand out detailed instructions for writing the scripts
and how to instruct the illustrator
1. Each script writer aims to finish at least one video
script per month.
2. When a draft script for a video (including the
instructions to the illustrator) is written, the writer
sends it to all the participants for comments.
3. If necessary, rewrite/alter the script.
4. Recruit movie maker/s and actors/actresses.
5. When a video script is completed, the movie maker/s
and illustrator/s start creating the video.
6. Select five JTAN members to view and evaluate the
videos. If necessary, the movie maker/s, illustrator/s
and/or script writer/s amend a part/s of the video.
7. By 5th November, all the video scripts should be
By 4 March, JTAN aims to complete creating all 30 videos.
By 31st March, JTAN submits all the videos and reports to the
Japan Foundation.

We would like to recruit interested persons as soon as possible. For further information or to express
your interest, please send an email to

Japanese Teachers Association of NSW (JTAN) Inc.

ABN 94 045 344 808
PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060

B) 3 Day / 2 Night Teacher Immersion Program

Seeking program coordinators and request for expressions of interest in participants
At our 2015 AGM, we received many expressions of interest from teachers for an immersion program.
As a result, we are currently considering a 3-Day/2-Night program, possibly at the University of
Sydney and nearby hotels from 4th - 6th July, 2016 (school holidays).
Planning for this event will depend greatly on the attendance numbers, so we would like to make a tally
of interest. In addition, an event such as this can only happen when time is dedicated to planning, and
so we are seeking any interested teachers who would like to work on coordinating this event. The
coordinators will receive honoraria. Please email to express your interest in
attending the program with the following information:

Name, address with post code, mobile phone number, preferred email address
Native or non-native Japanese speaker
Any requests you wish to include in the program
Whether you can coordinate or can assist in organising the event
Whether you think your Japanese productive skills are Excellent, Very good or Good
Whether you think your Japanese receptive skills are Excellent, Very good or Good
Others (any comments/opinions)

C) Year 12 Continuers and Beginners Day in non-metropolitan areas

Seeking coordinators and request for expressions of interest in participants
JTAN often provide mock HSC conversation opportunities to Year 12 Continuers and Beginners
students in Sydney. Last June, Allan Moore of The Armidale School coordinated the Continuers and
Beginners Days successfully in Armidale.
JTAN is seeking any interested teacher who wishes to coordinate Year 12 Continuers and Beginners
Days within your region or who wishes to participate in such events.
Please email expressing interest in coordinating or participating.

Larissa Mitchell
Vice President JTAN

Japanese Teachers Association of NSW (JTAN) Inc.

ABN 94 045 344 808
PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060

The 2016 International Conference on Japanese Language Education (ICJLE) will be held on 9-10
September in Bali, Indonesia. More information can be found at the following link:
To register, you do not have to be a member of Nihongo Kyouiku Gakkai, and it would be an
opportunity for you to present one of the following contents or attend and learn from other presenters.

Presentation topics
1. Connection and Communities
2. Reading/Writing
3. Listening/Speaking
4. Classroom
5. Teaching materials/learning resources
6. Assessment/Testing
7. Young learners/Japanese residents
8. Overseas students studying in Japan
9. Japanese for specific purposes
10. Teachers
11. Sociocultural approach/Situated learning
12. Intercultural communication
13. Language acquisition
14. Phonology

15. Syllabaries and characters/Vocabulary

16. Grammar
17. Pragmatics
18. Discourse
19. Sociolinguistics
20. Corpus
21. Syllabus/Curriculum/Program
22. Identity(ies)
23. Language policy
24. Language learners
25. Computer/Technology
26. Advocacy
27. Japanese studies
28. Others


Please peruse the following document links at your leisure. You may find them useful!
Japanese language teachers may find the document on Japan Strategy interesting and useful
for the discussion of Why Japanese? Please note that there is also a Japanese-language version
which can be used in the Japanese Extension classroom.
A quick facts sheet published by the Australian Government Department of Education and
Training on Australia-Japan Education and Research. Japanese language teachers may find this
useful for advocacy and can share it with their school community.

Japanese Teachers Association of NSW (JTAN) Inc.

ABN 94 045 344 808
PO Box 6453, North Sydney 2060


The Japan Foundation, Sydney is running an exciting Japanese cultural event in Term 1, 2016. There
will be a subsidised school performance of Jewels of Kyoto: Traditional Dance and Music by
Maiko of Gion and will make a great excursion for students of Japanese.

Wednesday 24th February, 2016

Darling Quarter, Darling Harbour Sydney

Bookings are required, so please see the

attached flyer for further information.
Any enquiries may be directed to or (02) 8239 0055.
- Ben Trumbull
Program Coordinator
Japan Foundation, Sydney


This Newsletter will be the last one for 2015 and the JTAN Committee wish you all a very merry and
enjoyable holiday. We thank each and every one of you for your participation and contribution towards
our association, and we look forward to spending another successful year with you.