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aA Se aC RR RA Mon das Chilli powder " Milk | EETIRTAT vetergent EXTEN Powdered brick, Take 10 ml of the sample with an salt or talcum equal amount of water. Lather MMixa indicates the presence of detergent teaspoon of chil powder ae ina glass of water. Ifitleaches EXXIE synthetic mitk colour into the water, it is Synthetic milk has a bitter aftertaste, adulterated with an earthy feels soapy when rubbed between the material like brick fingers and turns yellowish when heated Cumin seeds EERIEENY sugar solution CEMIEEI crass seeds Bod Wat some wales, ol ‘cotton wick dipped in| coloured with chareoal dust Ciuc pure honey when lt burns Rub the seeds in your indicates the presence of starch readily. Diluted honey won’t palms. If they turn black, ES burn easily, and will crackle adulteration is indicated Coconut oil Coriander powder | Black pepper & CEEIET othe ot [ERIE Powdered [ENE nea oi Place asmall bottle of || bran and sawdust This pepper shines, has oil in the fridge. Coconut Sprinkle on water. a kerosene-like smell oil solidifies, leaving the Powdered bran and ‘ext: Sharon Fernandes | source: FSSAL adulterant as a separate laver | sawdust float on the surface