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Aisha Ahmed


Primary EPC 2401 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 1

Grade Level: Grade five
Subject: English
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
-Able to recognize what I mean of highlighter words (Past tense). (How they know
the rules of past tense).
- Able to listen and understand the story. (Listening skills)
- Able to order the events by using key words. (Cognitive skills)
-Apply their creativity in the post activity by make brain storm in the post activity.
6 papers for 6 groups
Pupil's book
Bingo games in papers.

Preparation (what do you need to do/make

before class?)
Prepare the page on the computer and the
data show.
Prepare the papers, highlighter and the
colors in each group.
Key vocabulary/Target Language
Past verbs such as (Went- Got up).


Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small

group activities)
Great them.
Ask them about the date and the unit.
Revise with them what was the last lesson.
Play bingo games that has past tense of the sentences.
SLA approach will be integrated throughout the plan
In this lesson I used task based learning because I will give them the
instruction (Which word you will highlight)?
Then the students will work with themselves to solve the problem to
search about the verbs that they will highlight them.


Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)


Giving them instruction.

Modeling for them the way of highlight the key words by highlighting one

past verb.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

Reading the story with raising my voice when I say the key word to give
them a hint to know that it is the key word and they will highlight it.
Independent Experience(small group activity 2)
After I finish read the story, they will look at the key words in the question
and the key words in the story. They will see which verb came first second
third fourth and fifth and they will arrange it in order.
Independent Experience(small group activity 3)
The third activity they will work in groups making brain storm of the



What did we learn today?

Did you enjoyed the story what is your best part?

5 min

Are they know what's happened in each event?
Checking how they highlight the words are they highlighting the basic verbs or they
highlight the past tense?
Reflection WWW/EBI

I used good strategy:
I planned this story as a listening activity. In this listening activity I linked this listening
skill activity with reading skill which is highlight the key word. When the students are
highlighting the key words they will know better the idea.
Time management:

The time management has improved from my previous teaching days. I have been able
to manage between the "Warming up" "Explaining the lesson" and "Post activity".
Comparing between last two days of teaching but I didn't been able to give the post
Mentoring the group work:
I remember when MCT noticed that the students didn't work. So, I kept her note in mind
and I started to use a reward system I said " The group who collaborate together will
get the points". In result, reward system motivate them to work together.
Doing two skills in one activity:
As my MST said "Highlighting the key words was good, but combining two skills in one
activity is not good strategy because it confuse the students.
Planning the time wrongly:
I had another post good activity to do which is writing about Van winkle character and
what he did. If I shorten the time of the activities I make them do this activity will be
Next Steps in learning and teaching
Combining ordering the events and brain storm to one activity.
Focus on one skill in each activity.