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Customer Details Fil the bank spaces with lack o be pen, Fields wih steric (*) ae mandatory Detals shouldbe provided ofthe company, where Versys ait wil be sed ‘The form shouldbe completed and set to NADRA PHQ Building, Mauve Are G- 10 Islamabad. Company Name ¢) Puscten TErecaromunicaton Er", popLoyées TRUST Billing Address %. Duecc7ak Ae Reo no 22 Greyreh Yoor he T Berl. ney meow Wovy-€~-Deot Contact Person (ForBiting) — - pJALA. ead” (Hk | Address (For iting) As_theve Telephone Number (onice &Mos)_3 228/686 , 0333420402) Contact Person ovens DQumammnd LJadak vi Hao Aukesn’ (Designation & Department) AWASER (Finance t-Actounts) 9.7 ET Lahore - Address vee needsto te wi Yo Dieter Péowian, Kore wa2rD, Grovvel Poor. P74? Ba ‘Tobie Dean Mee Designated Telephone No. rw verisn) __ 49 3723/4684 0299 ygauar> Dowye. voted ER Email Addresscomcian + Wie Jor @) Ptet-cam-Pié C.N.LC Number (Photo Copy) 2520.2 - 70656 j0-9 Fax Number © 42- 27322080 _ Mobile Number 304022 Expected Number of Verifications per Month (f there is a change in your above mentioned details, It is your sole responsibility to nto ae atures Oficial Offigg SanaR EA Sig Olo Director Pension PTET Lahore UNDERTAKING REGARDING CONFIDENTIALITY prermoel CImg og THY yan Cees by 1, Mud ts oC RO BC o> -TobSbe-having been employed for appointed) in Tele. Purpose of 4, at . do hereby declare that”I will not communicate or allow to be communicated to any person not legally entitled thereto any information relating to the data/information received from NADRA regarding linsert the name of project] and related affairs or functions of my employer, nor will I allow any such person to inspect or have access to any books or documents or information or data belonging to or in the possession of the my employer. Manager (Finance & Accounts) lo Director Pension PTET Lahore Singed in presence of two witnesses: Signature; Signature: —___— Date: Signature & official Stamp: thera (A TET) Lahore ~ AA854110 (WREATH AFFIDAVIT | Muhammad Wagar ul Haq Qureshi son of Muhammad Zulfigar Qureshi states that: “ MIDAS SAFETY is bound to use this service only for verification of its employee / customer and will not be used for any other purpose ”. ae Muhammad Wagar ul Haq Qureshi Manager (Finance & Accounts) O/o Director Pension PTET Lahore. RIZE A BV 2, 9+ within seed ee Fo PISISEOS