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Jorge Padilla
Jackie Hymes
Apple Ad Analysis
After analyzing a 2013 Apple Christmas commercial, in which TBWA. promotes the new
airplay feature for their Apple TV product, concludes that Apple appeals to a majority of their
consumers by showing that they can connect themselves personally and emotionally to the
public. Compared to the other kinds of ads that appeal to the peoples needs and wants, TBWA
helped Apple prove that they care about their consumers.
The commercial begins with an average white family living in a sub-urban area, already we get
the sense that apple is directing the ad towards average American families. However, its snowing
so the family starts packing all their things into this cramped little station wagon, which one can
safely assume they plan on using for a holiday trip. We then move to see the family on a car trip
somewhere. Amongst the family we see an adolescent boy putting the majority of his attention
into his cell phone. Considering how the camera technique and angles focuses on the boy the
audience can realize he becomes the center point of view for the rest of the ad. Once the family
arrives to their destination, theyre greeted by family members and what seem to be relatives. As
the boy exits the car hes seen holding two things his cell phone and a gift wrapped box. Hes
then greeted by a man, who can be assumed to be his grandfather considering his age, with a
hug. The ad then moves to a different scene where again the boy is seen only attracted to his
phone but the rest of his family is having some sort of get together which the boy is ignoring.
Then again the ad transcends into another family holiday scene. Here the boy is seen ignoring his

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younger relatives while they make a snowman, because of his chronic appeal to his phone. We
are then moved to a similar scene where the boy is seen sitting down, again with his phone in his
hands and his family is seen ice skating in front of him. The boy is then seen sitting down and
because of his fixation with his phone, his father hits him in the face with a pair of snow gloves.
Here we can safely assume that the reason the boys father had done this was because they
planned to go out or leave the house for some reason. In the following scene we see the boy
hanging tree decorations, but immediately after he does so he goes back to utilizing his phone. In
the following scene hes seen with his family going for a walk in the snow, and as he gives his
little sister his hand to hold, his phone can be seen in his other hand. One morning the boy again
is seen on his phone in a small colorful room with the rest of his younger siblings whom are all
sleeping. Then from what looks to be Christmas morning the entire family meets in the living
room of the home to share their gifts with themselves. The boy however walks to the living
rooms T.V. and connects his phone to the Apple TV via airplay, which is what the commercial is
solely promoting. Shortly after a he begins to play a video for his whole family, with the title
written in snow saying, A Harris Family Holiday. This is then followed by a montage of happy
moments that the boy had secretly recorded on his phone when no one had noticed him. Once the
video ends he looks at his mother and grandmother and, with tears of happiness on their face, his
father walks up to him and gives him a hug. The ad then retracts to a view of the entire house.
The ad then ends with a text saying Happy Holidays in the Myriad pro font that Apple usually
uses followed by their logo. Through out the entire ad Apple doesnt make any claims or
statistical comparisons of their products and their competitors products. Lately a lot of people
have been feeling out of touch with their traditions and culture which is the reason why society
has begun to grow attached with their devices. This ad states that people care about their devices

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too much so what better way to get them to stop caring about their devices then the very
company that makes the devices theyre already so influenced by to tell them to detach
themselves from technology. There is no commentator or text of any kind aside from the Happy
Holidays quote they leave right after the commercial is over. However, the setting in which the
majority of the commercial is filmed in does appease to the public mostly, because of the time
this ad was aired which can be estimated to be sometime around the month of December since
Christmas plays a major role in the ad and you can clearly see all of the snow. Another key
element the ad used to persuade was the music. As we listen to the commercial we can hear Judy
Garlands, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas a Christmas classic that was created over 70
years ago, heard throughout the entire commercial. The ad tries to use this cheery holiday song to
bring out that old timey classical sense that a white family wouldve had in 1950s but combines
it with a the contemporary sense of family traditions that we have now. This brings me to my
following point of appeals; the appeal to nurture. Along with the song this appeal is triggered
with the mind set that we must see our family as something precious. Aside from that I feel as
though the ad tries to appeal with general promotion. The IPhone 5S which was the IPhone that
was currently being promoted during the time the Apple TV had been released. The ad clearly
directs itself towards standard American families but even more so it tries to connect with
multiple audiences by planting the idea that people can create meaningful moments with the use
of an Apple TV or IPhone as the tools that can help keep those moments and make them into
memories. Affiliation also plays a strong role of appeal ,because of apples popularity amongst
society now a days, people always want to to feel included so theyll buy everything apple
produces simply because someone else they know has bought it. Lastly I will add that the
commercial does have an unspoken sense that gives the audience a Need for aesthetic

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Sensations (Fowles 85). People may not be aware of the extent of their own sensitivity to a
commercial , but it is undeniably large considering the subliminal affects it has after actually
watching the piece. The ad was said to be so heartwarming it even won an Emmy in 2013
according to (The Verge, Chris Zeigler). From the start of the commercial you arent really left
with much to assume aside from the fact that the boy using his phone but you can also the take
the car the family uses for the trip into account and not only that but it is also a Christmas ad so
there couldve been other subjects left to consider.
However, as the ad is closing, clarity arises to the scene in which the boys presenting his
montage to his family since all a typical American Families want to be able to have memories
they can treasure. Which brings me back to my statement on how Apple tries to relate themselves
sentimentally with their customers and their products, through this form of natural selfpersuasion, are what ignites customers to fantasize about whether theyd be able to have these
traditions someday make.

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