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Student-Teacher: Reem Hisham

Date: 19-10-2015
Primary EPC 2401 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 1

Grade Level: Grade two

Subject: Math
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
1- Be able to get 10 when collecting 6, 7 or 8 to another number.
2- Be able to collecting numbers to complete 10 with using tens board.
3- Be able to write the math problem in number operation.
4- Be able to collect the numbers.
- Using PowerPoint related to the
tens board lesson.
- Use the workbook.
- Tens board as flashcard.
- The numbers operations as flash

Preparation (what do you need to

do/make before class?)
- Prepare my materials like play the
data show to present the PowerPoi
- Ask them about the last lesson tha
have related to this lesson.

Time: 15 Whole

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

- A tens board, number operation,
addition, subtraction.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of

small group activities)

- Revise the last lesson they took which was " using tens board when collectin
to another number by asking questions with using PowerPoint and giving the
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)
- The teacher will give them the math question (number operatio
for each group and they will model the number operation with
using tens board with cubes to form it.
- The teacher will work with groups to ensure that all are
understand and know how to answer and will answer if someon
has a question or need help from the teacher.

Independent Experience
(individually activity 1)

Time: 8 mins

30 min

Materials: using the pupil's
book (p.34)
- Teacher wills give the
instruction of this activity to do by themselves and without mo
it to check their understanding.
- Written checklist and evaluate their answers with using a red pen.
Independent Experience(individually activity 2)
Collect and write the number operation
(part one)
Collect ( part two)
Solve math problem (part three)
Materials: workbook (p.43).
- First of all, teacher will explain
two parts to do individually.
- After they finish two parts and
teacher will checking their answer
and evaluate them by using a red
pen and praise them. If they got
the correct answers.
Part three:

The teacher will explain the math

problem and they have to answer
in groups to think the question together and get the answer af
they are discussion it.
Teacher will check their answer of two questions and the group
who answer the two questions in correct will will get the sticke
for every child from this group as reward.

Time: 6 mins Whole


Teacher shows them the challenge questions cards and chooses two girls from
each group to think the question and answer in correctly.

- Check their work in 2 the activities by asking questions and walk around to ch
their answers.
- Provide them the appropriate feedback.

Reflection WWW/EBI
1- I prepared all resources and materials for this lesson before start the
class like PowerPoint, math flashcardsact.
2- I got their attentions when I revise them by asking questions as gam
for groups.
3- Checking their works while activity time by using my pen and praise
Next Steps in learning and teaching
1- Making activities as game.
2- Change my rewards system.