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Kaila Cahoon

EDUC 363
Fall 2015
Subject Area
Grade Level
Summary of the Lesson

Title of the Lesson

Academic Standards


The Boston Tea Party and the

American Revolution
Social Studies
Grade 5
Students will be learning about
American History and culture.
American History and especially the
Revolutionary War is important to
students understanding of the
foundation of our country. This unit
was chosen because of the direct
effect this knowledge can have on
their future educational careers.
Students will be motivated by using
fun activities to understand
voabulary and the content of the
American Revolution. A variety of
topics can be covered before and
after the lesson that deals with the
Boston Tea Party.
The Boston Tea Party
8.3.5.B: Illustrate concepts and
knowledge of historical documents,
artifacts, and places critical to
United States history.
CC.1.4.5.A: Write informative/
explanatory texts to examine a topic
and convey ideas and information
Language: Students will be able to

Vocabulary: Three Tier

Estimated Time
Materials Required

summarize in writing the events of

the Boston Tea Party and how it
was a factor that lead to the
American Revolution
Content: Students will be able to
identify events that occurred during
the Boston Tea Party and how it
was a factor leading up to the
American Revolution
Tarriff, Revolution, Independence,
Patriot, Taxation
45 Minutes
Old paper, tea bags, tea cups, smart
board, pencil
We will begin the lesson by
asking the students what they know
about Independence Day and
how/why we became independent.
We will then ask them if they ever
heard of what happened during the
Boston Tea Party.
Then we will begin the lesson by
showing the student the online
interactive Boston Tea Party
activity. After reading and
reviewing this activity, we will move
on to our vocabulary word review.
Then we will go to our timeline to
help clarify the timeline of the
Boston Tea Party. Then we will
begin the activity by going over the
vocabulary words we reviewed. The
definitions will be on the tags of tea

Formative Assessment

bags and the teacups will have the

vocabulary words on them. The
student will place the tea bags in
the correct cups. The student will
fill out a graphic organizer about
the Boston Tea Party. After the
student is done he will receive an
"old" piece of paper that he will use
to write a letter to King George III
as if he were a member of the Sons
of Liberty who participated in the
Boston Tea Party. The student will
explain in the letter who he is, why
they dumped the tea into the
harbor, and what they want from
the King.
After, the students can share
there letters with the class to get
other perspectives. The teacher will
also review the vocabulary again to
make sure the students have a good
understanding of the words.
We will assess students based on
their answers to questions asked, by
their answers on the vocabulary
game, and by the content of their