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Carlos Sanchez


Matthew Wilson
Writing 2
Fraternities and Rape on Campus by Patricia Yancey Martin and
Robert A. Hummer is an interesting reading assigned to me in my
sociology class. It is relevant to the sexual assault issue in our
community. The issue of rape in the UCSB community is not fully
touched upon. The university has programs to help victims of rape, but
not a single program to inform students of hyper masculinity in
fraternities and the dangers of it. Hyper-masculinity promotes the
objectification of women and the belief that manhood is defined by
how many sexual partners he has. These false beliefs lead frat boys to
take advantage of intoxicated women and cover up sexual assault
incidents. This is very sensitive issue, which makes it difficult to
inform the masses of UCSB. So I decide to translate the information
provided in Fraternities and Rape on Campus into a pamphlet. When
translating the reading into a pamphlet I attempted to retain the Logos
found in the reading in order to educate its readers.
After reading Fraternities and Rape on Campus by Patricia Yancey
Martin and Robert A. Hummer, I realize how powerful the reading was

and how it related to the issue of sexual assault at UCSB. Martin and
Hummer discuss hyper masculinity in fraternities and its
consequences. They provide testimonies from former frat pledges and
discuss a recent case of sexual assault. Although Fraternities and Rape
Sanchez 2
on Campus is a short reading it does an excellent job exposing the
issues of hyper masculinity and its worst consequence, rape.
I decided to translate the reading into a pamphlet in order to
simplify the information provided and make it more appealing to a
larger audience. By making a pamphlet of my own I am to
deinstitutionalize it from the university, this is important because UCSB
has no interest in informing students of an issue that hurts the image
of the University. Issues like these may lure high school seniors and
their parents away, which would lead to an income loss to the
When creating the pamphlet I included the same Logos found in
the reading. The pamphlet contains quotes and facts depicting the
hazing and displays an example of loyalty and secrecy that exists in
fraternities. 150 members[of a fraternity in Florida State University]
held rank, denied knowledge, and allegedly lied to a grand jury [over
the gang rape of a young women].. This quote depicts how individuals
lose their identity in fraternities and the huge problem that exists
between hyper masculinity and frats.. The fact that 150 members of

a fraternity lied to a grand jury clearly depicts, that there is a major

problem in the way fraternities view and treat women. Information like
captures the attention of readers and should logically spark an outrage
within readers.
Hyper masculinity is deeply embedded in fraternity life and leads
to many dangerous situations. Fraternities recruit members with the
belief that they will have access to parties and sorority girls. They
create this idea that members are entitle to sexual intercourse with the
sorority girls, and by getting them drunk they
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will be able to achieve their sexual goals. Fashionable attractive
women help a fraternity attract new members. When pledges begin
the process of joining a Fraternity they are bombarded with images
that display members with attractive
Women. They are also introduced to these types of women, which
make them believe that they are interested in them. This is done with
the intention of persuading pledges to join the fraternity and creates
the idea that by joining the fraternity they will have access to these
When creating my pamphlet I attempted to use some of the
writing conventions found in Writing with Pictures by McCloud. In the
comic book, McCloud was very selective with the words and images he
used. This evident in the comic book line TEN YEARS LATER. IS THAT

ALL?. This line along with the image of a man shaking a piggy bank
depicts the stress the man is feeling. When he realizes how little
money is in the piggy bank. Having this type of affect is very important
when creating a pamphlet, because there is also limited amount of
space. Thats why I decide to use the image of two women with RUSH
written in their topless breast. This image represents the
objectification of women and a tactic that fraternities use to attract
new members.
The issue of sexual assault is and will always be a difficult topic
to discuss. But through the use of the writing conventions found in
Fraternities and Rape on Campus and Writing with Pictures, I was able
to create a pamphlet that displays hyper masculinity in fraternities and
its consequences. In order sustain a healthy community this issue
deserves our attention and a solution.

Do Frats want to party with you

Or prey on your body?

(Frat boys see women as sexual objects to exploit.)

Educate yourself
Dont be a

Most Fraternities promote hyper

Hyper masculinity -is a psychological term
for the exaggeration of male stereotypical

behavior, such as an emphasis on physical

strength, aggression, and sexuality.
Studies have found that fraternities that
promote hyper masculinity are more likely to
abuse alcohol and create dangerous

(Fraternities use women to lure new members.)


Fights at frats parties are very common

and usually end up in large brawls.
Oppression of own members. This one guy
was always picking on me. No matter what
I did, I was wrong.- testimony fraternity
Fraternities use alcohol as a weapon
against women.
Fraternities see women as sexual objects,
which they seek to exploit.
Fraternities emphasize loyalty, secrecy,
group protection, which often leads to the
covering of crimes and unethical actions.

About 150 members of a fraternity in FSU

held rank, denied knowledge, and allegedly
lied to a grand jury over the gang rape of a
young women.
By understanding and being aware of the
dangers that might exist when attending a
fraternity event, partying becomes a lot more
safe and enjoyable.

Nothing is the Same

Not all fraternities have hyper masculinity

culture deeply embed in their members.
But it is important to understand and to be
aware of the danger that might exist when
entering a frat party or rushing a frat.