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Experience Threads v.

2 Mar 2010

Full Interface Thumbnails Experience Threads Details

This group of thumbnails x. - Existing on This group of detail sketches explores
explores options for placement options for the experience threads
design presentation project title
of the experience threads’ navigation element, which would appear
mode mode
navigation and other elements within the larger interface (see Full Interface
within the FluidIA interface. logo Thumbnails to the left).
login / save / load
The sketch to the right The sketches explore an idea of multiple
(x. - Existing on scenarios or “scenes”. Each scene represents
serves as a default for tools pages a process to be performed. Each scene
comparison and also calls out would contain multiple steps or “frames”,
common elements repeated in representing one step in the process.
the sketches below.
The designer would use this interface to
select and manipulate frames. Several team
members would use this interface to
stage navigate through a project to view
independently or present to a group.

A. - Project Title in Interface B. - Project Title in Browser Window E. - Experience Threads Top Hidden F. - Experience Threads Top Visible 1. - Thumbnail Tabs 5. - Highlighted Box

current scene current frame [ stage ]

2. - Text Tabs 6. - Small Thumbs

project title project title
experience threads experience threads

click to show current frame

click to hide experience threads
experience threads
experience threads

3. - Scrollbar 7. - Horizontal Grid, Highlighted Box

C. - Design Mode D. - Presentation Mode G. - Experience Threads Bottom Hidden H. - Experience Threads Bottom Visible

toggle toggle 4. - Overlapping Text Tabs 8. - Horizontal Grid, Overlapping Tabs

design presentation
mode mode
click to show
click to hide experience threads
design presentation experience threads
experience threads
mode mode