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Logan Matz

10103 Cloverbottom Trace Louisville, KY 40223 Phone: 502-315-9853 E-Mail:


St. Margaret Mary Catholic School

2002 - 2011

Trinity High School

2011 2015

University of Kentucky

2015 - Present




very determined I put my full effort to my schoolwork.

a great communicator to those older and younger to me.
focused on what is important in my life and do a great job at my work.
a team player, I get people involved in a way we accomplish our goals.

Community Service
Have logged hundreds of community and charity hours in association with my church,
school and family.

Special Olympics: I have coached a womans basketball team (Three years in high

school). This experience has brought me great satisfaction in being able to share a
talent I have to such a wonderful group of appreciative players.
Special Olympics: I teamed up with partners from Pitt Academy in a bowling league,
this was an experience that made an impact on myself, community, and the players.

Work Experience/ Shadow Experience

Plainview Swim and Tennis Center (Summer work). I have boosted my math capability

by counting money and my communication by talking on the phone to costumers.

I provided care at Afterschool care and mentor for grade school aged children. This has

helped me get the skills I need to communicate with children and adults.
I have coordinated a day to shadow Kimberly Breslin D.M.D at her practice.

High School Sports/clubs

During my freshman year at high school I have played football. This has tough me the

importance of teamwork.
All four years I have been on an intermural volleyball team. I have learned to have fun
with friends is more important than winning.


Continue my community service by helping people who are

Mentor to those who are younger and give advise to help them succeed.
Obtain my Dental license

Earn an internship in the summer of 2017 in the bluegrass area.