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Imani Colclough

Professor Intawiwat
November 18, 2015
1.) My original topic was Finding Our Way into the World it eventually
developed into Running Away From Your Past Problems. It changed after
more research and reflection on my topic. The responses I received from
classmates were very insightful and they helped me realize that my original
topic was too broad. Initially I focused on Chris being selfish and how he
treated the people in his life most importantly his family. As I began doing
more research it led me to desire to do more discoveries about Chris and how
someone so brilliant and pioneering could make some of the decisions that
most of us will never understand. My research led me to realize that Chriss
upbringing channeled a lot of the decisions he made.
2.) The process of finding sources was quite difficult because a lot of my findings
were dead leads. Some of the books in UNCC database werent available. I
think each of the five sources were useful in helping me back my theory with
research findings. My primary source: Behaviors and Attitudes Related To
Youth Runaway Behaviors, proved to be the most valuable of all because it
attributed family dysfunction to running away.
3.) In conducting my research I was surprised of the amount of people that are
impacted long term because of the family dysfunction they experience.
These demonstrations of misbehavior begin at an early age. I selected and
found a lot of info on how dysfunctional family interactions can cause depression

amongst young children, adolescents and even adults.

4.) Talking headers helped me write more cohesively. I wrote informally so that I could

demonstrate my theory about how Chris ultimately came to be as a person. I chose this
style because it was more natural for me to bring forth my theory.
5.) My group was very helpful in critiquing me; they did it from a very honest perspective
they allowed me to free myself of my own inhibitions. Writing has always been my
Achilles heel. My group assured me of my writings when I touched on topics that were
explanative and they allowed to me realize that some of my writing needed to be
developed further.
6.) I havent done research of this magnitude in over 10 years. This type of research took a
lot from me to complete. You go through a lot of hits and misses. I tried to make sure
that all of my research coincided with the others. I made sure not to use any research that
would oppose another source. This was my first annotated bibliography to date.
7.) I learned how to better use the UNCC search database. Im more comfortable with using
it now than before. I can better decide how to begin my search, and how to determine
what is useful and what is not.