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Level 0
This level may be integral to the traffic patterns of the complex and is used
for agents that have no history of ever being harmful to humans or the
environment. This lab shall be decontaminated once a day or after a viable
agent has been spilled. The people handling the agent or infected animals
must wash their hands after working with the agent and mouth pipettes are
prohibited in the lab. This lab should be designed so that it can easily be
cleaned, there should be ample space between furniture for mobility in the
lab and easy cleaning, there should be a hand/eye wash station, bench tops
should be impervious to water, acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and moderate
heat, and there should be cabinets, benches, tables, and simple handling
equipment present in the lab for safe and efficient work.

Level 2
This lab is similar to bio lab 0 but is used for agents that have a moderate
potential hazard to humans and the environment. Access is limited, scientists
instruct the lab workers what to do, and extreme precaution is taken with
sharps. Work spaces are decontaminated at least once a day or after agents
are spilled, mechanical pipetting is used, all wastes are to be
decontaminated appropriately by a prior made method, and management
should be contacted if any use of animals to test the agent are being
involved. Lockable doors for hot agents, hand/eye wash station, ample space
between furniture, bench tops should be impervious to water, acids, organic
solvents, alkalis, and moderate heat, biological safety cabinets should be
placed away from all windows, doors, and trafficked areas to maintain its
containment airflow, and adequate illumination without glare or reflection
should be installed.

Level 3
Unlike the previous levels, all work conducted in this lab must have been
approved by the Chemical and Biological Safety Committee. Work conducted
in these areas must comply with special procedures and practices that
described in Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
handbook. This lab level handles agents that may cause severe or potentially
fatal diseases if exposed too. Lab personnel are working with scientists who
are experienced with that particular virus and who have special training.
Same furniture and space as level 2, but with a hands free hand/eye wash,
clear shield when using the agents, one direction (into lab) airflow, entrance

to lab is through two sets of airtight sealed doors that self-close. Appropriate
PPE must be worn and possible respirators.

Level 4
The setup of the lab is similar to that of level 3, except all agents are handled
in a sealed, clear box where heavy duty rubber gloves have been installed
into the box itself. Personnel must change clothes upon entering the lab into
full body, pressurized, air tight suit. They must go through at least three sets
of airtight self-closing doors, normally four. There is no use of sharp objects
outside of the sealed box where the agent is being handled and extreme
caution must be used when handling any sharp objects. There must be an
installment of a decontamination shower in one of the sets of doors where
the personnel in the full-body suit must shower before entering and exiting
the lab. The lab should be placed in a restricted access part of the facility or
in an isolated part of the building. The lab needs to have a separate exhaust
and vacuum air supply valves, air must have lower pressure inside the lab so
that when the doors open air is only flowing in.

Level 4-Hospital Suite

This particular level is similar to level 4 in almost every way. The setup, rules, ad equipment are
very similar. The only big difference is that this level is in an isolated part of the hospital where
they do work on patients who come in with a hot agent inside of them. It is sealed off to outsiders
through a set of double doors and decontainment showers. The rules are more specific but not as
strict because they are trying to save a person rather than just do an experiment and so the rules
may be bent from time to time but the same precautions are always taken into account.