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Classroom Climate


Is the classroom climate purposeful and task orientated? Give an

Teacher start gives them an important lesson that was purposeful,
For example, they have a theme every week and this week was
about family, teacher start gives them picture about family
members and starts to tell how they act with theirs family members.
Then she gives them homework that they have to put a picture of
their family, or they can draw this task will help them to understand
the theme.


Is the classroom climate relaxed, warm and supportive? Give an

Students were felt safe, and the student loves the teacher, and they
want not to leave her even in the playground because she acts with
them like when she act with her children. Teacher makes the
classroom supportive of learning. For example, during the family
lesson Saeed was talking about cars and she tells Saeed that we will
talk after the lesson darling Saeed.


Does the classroom climate have a sense of order? Give an

Yes, the teacher always start by routine, First she take the
attendance then count them after that she gives them a review
about what they study previous day after that she start to give them
the lesson of the day or the activity.


How did the teacher build on intrinsic motivation?

She builds on intrinsic motivation by giving them a push to do it.For
example, in the
meal time she tells them if you eat all of

5. How did the teacher build on extrinsic motivation?

The teacher uses reward system to build on extrinsic motivation. For
instance, the teacher has a board with students name, and she give a star
6. What sort of relationship did the teacher have with the students? For

example, was
there mutual respect and rapport, did the teacher act as a good
example, did s/he use humor?
There is mutual respect between the teacher and the students, and
she teach the student to respect others. She respected the student
that is a good example for the student because children would

imitate what the teacher do. The teacher has a sense of humor in
the classroom because she laugh with them and she plays with
them. For example, when they want to play with her she starts to
play with them.
7. Describe the classroom appearance in terms of the layout. What did

you like not like about it and why? What would you change or not
change and why?
Classroom layout was wonderful because the student can move
easily and the classroom was colorful. The student was felt

Observe and record strategies used by the teacher to motivate
the students positively to learn.
Strategies used by

What children did

How useful it was

Reward system
The teacher has a
board with students
picture, who shows a
good behavior in the
classroom will get a
star and at the end of
the week who will
have a more stars they
will be a star of the

The student starts to

follow the rules, be
attention and show
the good behave. In
addition, student were
excited, and they ask
the teacher if they will
get a star or not.

It was very useful

because the teacher
keeps them motivated
and engage, when the
teacher loses the
attention she reminds
them of the reward

1. Did the teacher use praise? Which students did she praise and
The teacher uses a praise with who was a good example for the others.
For example, Obaid was very quiet in the class, and he was listening to
her then she start to praise him in front all of the students to be same
2. Which of these strategies would you use/not use? Why?
I prefer to use both of them first the motivation strategy, because they are
more interaction in it, and I saw how effective is it .For Example, when the
teacher reminds them of the reward system they start to listen to her, and
they start to be quiet. Second is praise them because the student at this

age they are copying other and when I praise someone they will imitate
the one who is a good model for them.
3. Was there anything that could have been done differently?

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