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Valley High Schoo! 3650 Woodland Avenue West Des Moines, 1A 50266 Phone 515-633-4000 Fax 515-633-4099, www.facebook.comwdmvalley Mr. Tim Miller, Principal Mr. David Maxwell, Associate Principal Mr. David Perigo, Associate Principal Mrs. Erica Whittle, Associate Principal Mr. Brad Rose, CAA, Activities Director The West Des Moines ‘Community School District willbe a caring community of learners that knows and lifts every child, We will inspire joy in learning. (Qur shoots will excel at preparing each student vest ashes eine December 4, 2015 Recommendation: Hayley Nybo ‘As a retired Valley High School Language Arts teacher, | was asked to cover a three-week substitution position as Ms. Nybo was in her 3 nine- week placement. It was a very positive time because of this well- prepared, creatively-talented, confident educator. Mss. Nybo’s lessons engaged and challenged Young Adult Literature students (using a Hunger Games prompt), explored governments, climate change, personal accountability through role playing, writing, reading a film in relevance to current issues. In Creative Writing, she guided a limited-word story using “voice thread” and “movie maker” with classroom sharings. Her awareness of coursework to meet core curriculum and classroom differentiation is sound. She ensures all students have multiple opportunities to succeed. Hayley is personally and professionally committed to students and colleagues. Her work ethic is clearly focused, she took on and excelled in lesson planning, grading and extra demands as the semester continued. Her warmth and genuine caring draws students and colleagues. | could clearly see the bond she has formed and how dearly she'll be missed as her tenure ends. She is fair, fun, compassionate, hopeful, smart a great combination for living and teaching. The profession is fortunate to add this fine individual to its ranks. | respectfully recommend her without reservation. I'm grateful to have become her colleague and friend. Respectfully submitted, Ostenine MieheLl - Corinne Mitchell 4400 72" St. Urbandale, 1A 50322 (515)278-8422