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yada gags WEST DES MOINES COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Valley High School 3650 Woodland Avenue West Des Moines, 1A 50266 Phone 516-633-4000 Fax 515-633-4099 ‘www facebook comiudmvalley Me. Tim Miller, Principal Mr. David Vaxwell, Associate Principal Mr. David Pertigo, Associate Principal Mrs. Erica Whittlo, Associate Principal Mr. Brad Rose, CAA, Activilies Director ‘The West Des Moines. ‘Community Schoo! District will be a caring community ‘ofleamers that knows and lits every chil, We wil inspite joy in learning, ‘Our schools wil excel ‘al preparing each student for his or her life journey. December 7, 2015 ‘To Whom It May Concern: Itis my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Hayley Nybo. Hayley served as a student teacher in our language arts department during the fell of 2015. We ‘were very pleased with her performance and very glad to have her as part of our staf. Hayley displayed strong content knowledge and competence in planning and preparing the instruction she provided to our students. She was diligent in her attempts to meet the multiple leaming needs of her students, She utlized classroom management techniques that centered on engaging and meaningful teaching and learning. She fulfiled all the duties that were expected of her and displayed strong professionalism at all mes. Hayley was an active participant in our staff development \work and took advantage of all the extensive opportunities for growth provided by her facilitating teacher--Mrs. Pam Thomason, our language arts department chair--Mr. ‘Cameron Gale as well as our instructional coaches, all of which were extremely impressed with her performance as well as her keen desire to improve her teaching skills. It was a true pleasure to watch her work with our staff and to see her grow. She displayed an extremely strong understanding of the importance of developing strong positive relationships with her students. She realized the importance those relationships can play in regards to positive classroom management, especially with students who have a tendency to display challenging behaviors—a real strength for Hayley. She was at times put into situations that would challenge even the most Veteran teachers and she handled them with maturity and understanding well beyond her years. She showed tremendous potential during her time with us. If we have an ‘opportunity to look at her as a teacher of language arts for us here at Valley High School she will receive extremely strong consideration. ‘Again, it was our pleasure to have Hayley with us and feel she would be a strong contributing member to any faculty that she would be part of | speak with sincerity when | say any school district that were to hire her would certainly be more than please that they did so. If any further information is required or would be beneficial on Hayley's behalf, please contact me immediately. Respectfully, Totty W- mAo— Timothy W. iter Principal Waly Fgh Schoo West Des Moines, lowa