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Hasbro Inc.


Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro Inc.


Cory Marino (Project Manager), Victor Ly (Research Analyst), Christopher DeRoche

(Research Analyst), and Monica Martinez (Project Materials Coordinator)


November 5, 2015


Progress Report

The purpose of this report is to inform Mr. Goldner on the progress of our project.
The project we are accomplishing is to see if three dimensional printing is a viable
option of producing toys. Our proposal for this report was 11/03/15 and it was accepted
by Mr. Goldner.

Three dimensional printing is a rising innovation and could be an alternative to
our current manufacturing process. In our present state, the company is losing profits
due to the rising costs of traditional manufacturing. These costs include toy recalls,
over-production, and a general rise in costs to produce our products overseas. Recalls
and overproduction of our products arent frequent ,but when they occur, we can
potentially lose millions. To combat these problems, we have tried to lower production
of our products and heighten quality inspections overseas. Even with these actions, we
still have problems as it is hard to supervise factories that are overseas. Limiting our

supply has also led to more problems as we may not be able to meet the demand from
our consumers. With all these costs cutting our profits, we may be forced to raise the
prices of our products or lay off workers.

Completed work
1. Perform Research- Our group has mostly conducted online research regarding the
advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing.
2. Identify Options- We have compared the general costs associated with traditional
manufacturing of toys and new cost-cutting methods of manufacturing through 3D
printing. We have learned that traditional manufacturing is much cheaper when it
comes to mass producing a product.
3. Analyze Options- We have compared the advantages and disadvantages of 3D
The advantages of 3D printing include:
the ability to easily customize product designs
rapid prototyping
energy/material efficient
flexibility on when to manufacture the products
The disadvantages of 3D printing include:
high initial costs
restriction with 3D printing (i.e. some designs cant be built)
the need for Tech knowledge with 3D printers and CAD programs

Future Work
4. Test Options- Rentals of 3D printers are available with which we will be conducting
toy building trials.
5. Collect and Analyze Data- Comparing results of domestic production with 3D printing
to traditional manufacturing processes.

6. Formulate Recommendations- Accumulate information on the benefits of 3D printing

and the appropriate sectors of the manufacturing process it can impact.
7. Prepare Report- In depth analysis of the testing and results of this proposed action
and why this company needs to make the change to 3D printing.

Updated Schedule

10/22 10/29 11/5
Perform Research
Identify Options
Analyze Options
Test Options
Collect and
Analyze Data
Prepare Report

11/12 11/19

The status of the project is slightly behind schedule, but since three dimensional printing
is so new, the secondary research is taking more time. On our task list we have finished tasks
one through three and are focusing on the rest of the schedule. The remaining amount of
research requires an in depth analysis of specific costs. We will be proactive in our research to
find the best option in the long-term for the company.

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