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Professionalism and Understanding

Professional behavior in a school setting includes being early to the

campus. You were well on time for the lesson, but when the first bell rang
I was concerned that you might be late. You werent, but be very careful
of your punctuality in the future.
Planning for Learning
Always submit your lesson plan at least 24 hours in advance for the
observer. You were following the suggestions given in the last observation.
It was very nice to see the attempts you have made, planning for clear
lesson instruction, with clear and orgazed lesson plan. Planning to care
about students learning styles in the lesson activities. This is the second
time when I have observed at this campus where the teacher is not
present in the room during your lessons. Where is the MST and does she
at least monitor the lessons where I am not observing you? Turned off the
A/C for the teacher explanation, but turned it back on during the activities.
Made it easier to hear. How can you ensure that students are finished with
what you want them to be done with? How can you better ensure timing
in the lesson? The last stage was interrupted by the bell, 10 minutes early.

Implementing and Managing

You began with an activity that allowed all of the groups and students to
participate. Well done. You had students race to find the new
information. They were really excited by the activity. I saw a lot of use of
accurate language and involvement of students in a variety of activities
through a variety of techniques.
However, you did the same demonstration method this time that you did
last time. Have you considered different approaches to introducing the
methods to the students without using the data show?
You chose to include a handout, very necessary for this particular class. I
have to say I think the pace of this course was a little difficult. The
activities were done quicker than I think you planned. In addition, the
class was not poorly behaved, but did it feel like they might have been on
the edge of misbehaving during the lesson. This is a difficult sized class
and a difficult lesson to maintain control levels in expectation. However,
the methods and strategies I saw you using were positive and this was an
encouraging thing to see. In fact the students seemed positively
connected to you and it seemed like they really knew what was expected
of them. Timing was definitely off in this lesson. How might you have
improved the pacing and timing of the lesson to ensure that each thing
was finished appropriately?
Monitoring and Assessment
You have done a lovely job incorporating words of English into the lesson.

You have done well taking the advice and applying it to your lesson.
Lovely. When you asked Maitha in the back, she spoke quietly; you
leaned closer when you asked her to repeat. Remember, to encourage
students to speak louder it works to be quieter and lean away from the
students. There are not enough computers for every student to use one.
Is the computer in the front available for students to use? Maitha was
without a computer again, and it really frustrates her. They were to work
in pairs. Have you considered changing up the pairs within the groups?
You moved efficiently through the room to ensure you saw every student,
but dont forget to use the back of the room too. A teacher should move
enough to be in every location.
The timer went off and no one noticed. In the end you needed to give final
directions to the students for their homework. As well as to get them out
of the room.
Felt she remained on point for the lesson objectives. They had to find the
task on their own and then had a challenging task where they applied
what they knew. The timing did not go well in the presentation stage.
They needed a little more time for demonstration and observation. The
students were active and engaged. The students had more enthusiasm as
they had rewards for their activities. Might try something different in the
future to ensure they dont get bored. Allowed the students to
demonstrate the steps rather than telling them. Used methods for
ensuring the students followed proper procedure for going to classes.
Having the students raise their name and having a large screen means
that she can see the students easily. Moving through the groups is easy
because there is space. Felt that the worksheet did not have appropriate
examples, and would like to demonstrate with a video. Considers mixing
up the student pairs within the group to encourage students who were not
able to participate. Might try putting names on desks and having them
find their names. Having another student repeat what was said was a good