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ENGL 101

M . McCampbell
Fall 2015

Due no later than:


Dec 16
Dec 18

e-Portfolio Assessment Project

Purpose: For you to review your development as a writer during the Fall 2015
semester. You will use the course objectives as criteria for review and your own
essays as evidence.
1. You will write a reflective essay detailing your growth as a student writing in
English 101. Your essay should be about 400 600 words and is worth 50
points. The directions and scoring rubric for the reflective essay are in the eportfolio folder. Save your reflective essay as an MS Word compatible file and
label it: lastname.firstname.reflection. (50 points)
2. You will have the opportunity to revise Essay 1, 2, or 3. In addition to the
revision, you will write a brief summary of what you revised and why. Save
the revision as an MS Word compatible file and label it:
lastname.firstnameRevision. (up to 100% of original assignment)
3. e-portfolio contents:
a. electronic copy of graded Essays 1, 2, 3, 4 with scoring rubrics; a
copy of your reflective essay. (Make sure you give me your paper
copies of Essay 1 and the scoring rubric so I can scan them into pdf
files for your e-portfolio).
b. Other pages: About Me, Goals
c. Revised essay + summary of what you revised and why.
d. Reflective essay (20 points)
Step 1: Collect Essays 1 4. Take a general look at your writing and the feedback
from me to see if your writing has changed in any way. In addition, review your
notes and essay development templates to remember preparations steps you took
to create the papers. These steps include generating ideas, drafting, revising,
seeking assistance from the instructor or at the Writing Center. Did you begin right
away or did you end up doing the entire process in one session? IS there a trend in
your writing habits?
Step 2: Strengths and Weaknesses: review all four essays for your strengths and
weaknesses. For example, can you formulate an effective thesis? Can you deliver
on the thesis? Do you use detailed supporting evidence? You can see this by
comparing your writing with my comments. Do you see any new skills developing?
Any value added to your writing?
Step 3: This requires you to choose three course objectives from the syllabus and
determine if you meet, do not meet or exceed course requirements for ENGL 101.

You can determine this in two ways: First, trace how well you did on each
assignments scoring rubric: If you scored 70% or higher on each assignment, you
are doing well. If you dipped below the 70% mark on one or more assignments,
what does this mean to you? The second way is to take a holistic look at your
writing and compare it to the course requirements: for example, can you evaluate
a source for a research project? Can you write a well-organized, unified, coherent
essay with clear and complete thesis statements that express a purpose?
Step 4: compose your reflective essay, using Steps 1 through 3 for supporting
details. Also use the scoring rubric to make sure you get the best possible score.
Submit the link to your e-portfolio on the assignments tab.

Grade for e-portfolio: organization, about me, goals, and completeness 20 points