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American Bar Association. Domestic Violence Statistics.

Survey of Recent
Statistics. Retrieved from
This article has a list of many domestic violence statistics. It has a wide
range of statistics going from teenagers that were abused, to women
of different nationalities. It is useful to me because it gives me
information form recent and older years. It has a wide range of
information from where I can chose from. By having different statistics I
am able to find exactly the information that I need. I could use this
article to answer my first question have the numbers of death by
domestic violence decreased over the years?
Constable, P. (2012) For battered immigrant women, fear of deportation

abusers weapon. Washington Post, Retrieved

This article has information about programs designed to help immigrant women that are
being abused by their partners. It speaks about programs that will give residency to the
women if they help with information about their perpetuator. This article is important to
my research because it gives the stories of women that have escaped their bad situation.

By appealing to pathos it makes a connection with the reader that I could use to explain
that this is a big problem in our society. By providing examples of programs that exist to
protect their lives it allows me to get informed about all the resources they have. This
article will help me with my third question what are the results of providing residency to
the victims?
Gomez-Horton, L (2012) TCRP Promotora Programs Build Advocates From Victims. Texas Civil
Rights Project
This article focuses on events that empower victims of abuse. They want to teach
immigrant women they have power. This helps my research because it lists some events
that El Paso is part of. The events were focused for women who have suffered of violence
to feel empowered and share their stories so that this doesnt happen to anyone else. By
advocating their beliefs of equality they regain what was taken of them. This article will
help me with my second question how are agencies from El Paso protecting immigrant
abused women?
Heryca S. (2012) Domestic violence, border control measures, and its effects on the immigrant
population in the border region. Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations
The dissertation was mainly about what happens after women decide to speak about what
happened to them. It describes what occurs to them and their abusers. This is useful to my
research because it allows me to find what occurs after to both, the victim and the abuser.
Since it was a local writer it is more relatable to my El Paso research. This dissertation
will help me with my second question how are agencies from El Paso protecting
immigrant abused women?

Orloff, L. (2002) Women Immigrants and Domestic Violence. Women Immigrants in the United
States (pp. 47-51) Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
This chapter gives detailed information about laws passed to protect battered immigrant
women. It also provides more history into why some laws were implemented. It is useful
for my research I can expand my topic and talk about how sometimes the partners are
only here because of a work visa and not because they are citizens and they still hold a lot
of power against their spouses. This chapter also has some economic benefits women
receive, which I didnt know about. It gives me the opportunity to research more benefits
that are equally important as residency. This chapter will help me with my third question
what are the results of providing residency to victims?
Paat, Y. (2014) Risk and Resilience of Immigrant Women in Intimate Partner Violence. Journal
of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 24(7), 725-740 doi:
This article has information about the types of help offered to abused women. It gives
different types of health issues that the women who suffer abuse have. This is important
to my research because the author describes what truly abuse is. It also provides
information about how their mental health is usually damaged. I could use that
information to demonstrate how not only physical damage occurs.
Ruiz A. G. & Zong J. & Betalova J. (2015) Immigrant Women in the United States. Retrieved
This article gives information and statistics about the migration of women to the United
States. It provides information that these women usually migrate to be with their

husbands. This is important to my research because it gives me more accurate numbers

about how many women have been migrating in recent years. It gives me information
like where they like to live and their age range.
U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (2015, June 18) Battered Spouse, Children and
Parents. Retrieved from
This information deals with who is eligible to apply for and immigrant visa petition. It
gives a detailed explanation of everyone that is entitled to apply for this visa. It is
important to my research to have direct information from the government as to what the
requirements are to apply for this document. It gives information that not only a spouse
may apply but also even people that have been abused by their children are able to apply.
Everything is explained with a lot of detail giving me information that I can use to write
everyone this visa protects. This information can be used to answer my fourth question
what else can be done to ensure the cooperation of police officers to defend the rights of
immigrant abused women?