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Four Catholic mothers

Four catholic mothers sit together over a cup of coffee and try to impress each other with the importance of their sons.

Says the first one:

„My son is a Priest. When he enters a room, people say


to him“.

Says the second:

„Nice. But my son is a bishop. Whenever he enters a room, people say :

„Your Excellency“

The third mother, proudly:

„I don´t want to brag, but my son is a Cardinal. When he enters the room, people say:

„Your Eminence“

The fourth quietly sips her coffee. The others look to her, questioningly.

Finally she says:

„My son is a wonderful 1meter 95 tall, musculous stripper. Whenever he enters a room all people gasp for air and say:"

„Oh, my God!“

„Oh, my God!“