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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Teacher: Mitch McFall

Date: 03/11/15

Town High
Teen Choices

Grade Level: High School Content Area:

Title: Drug Free Me! Lesson 3

Content Standard(s) addressed by this lesson:

directly from the standard)

Lesson #: 3 of 6

(Write Content Standards

Applied Technology

FCCLA. Student
FMCS.0 (Teen) Analyze factors that influence human growth &
FMCS.05. (Teen) Analyze conditions that influence human growth and
FMCS.05.0 (Teen) Analyze the effects of life events on individuals' physical, intellectual,
social, moral, and emotional development.

Analyze the purpose, question at issue, information, points of

view, implications and consequences, inferences, assumptions
and concepts inherent in thinking

Understandings: (Big Ideas)

The different types of illicit substances, and their varying and similar effects on the
human body, and its growth and development.
Inquiry Questions: (Essential questions relating knowledge at end of the unit of
instruction, select applicable questions from standard)
What are the different classifications of illicit substances, and what does that name
What effects do each of these substances have on the human body, and which do
they all share in common?
Evidence Outcomes: (Learning Targets/Objectives)
Every student will be able to: create an adequate presentation, demonstrating
knowledge and research skills about our assigned illegal substances.
I can: research and present my topic substance, and show that I can
accurately demonstrate my acquired knowledge on the subject.
This means: that application of knowledge, and the ability to accurately
present it, is an important skill for a student to learn.
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CEP Lesson Plan Form

List of Assessments: (Write the number of the learning target associated with
each assessment)
Formal assessment, informal WDYL. The students will be making a presentation,
then presenting it the next week. Also, Ill ask a what did you learn question as a
ticket out the door.
List of Significant Vocabulary: (List the significant vocabulary words and
definitions for this lesson)
The vocab will be mostly individual based on
the groups topics, but effect, addictiveness, and the substance itself will all be

Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Planned Lesson Activities

Name and Purpose of Lesson
Should be a creative title for you and the students
to associate with the activity. Think of the purpose
as the mini-rationale for what you are trying to
accomplish through this lesson.
Approx. Time and Materials/Procedures
How long do you expect the activity to last and
what materials will you need? What do you need
to collect, prepare, reserve, set-up, etc. ahead of

Drug Free Me! Lesson 3. The purpose of this lesson is to get

students informed on the effects of various types of drugs and
alcohol, as well as to get them to present the information to the

How will you pre-assess students knowledge of
the topic to be covered? Describe both formal
and informal ways you will assess their knowledge
The hook grabs students attention and
engages them from the start. These are actions
and statements by the teacher to relate the
experiences of the students to the objectives of
the lesson and to put students into a receptive
frame of mind.
To focus student attention on the lesson.
To create an organizing framework for the
ideas, principles, or information that is to
follow (advanced organizers)
An anticipatory set is used any time a different
activity or new concept is to be introduced.
Procedures/Instructional Input/Learning
Chunks/Scaffolding for Learning (this is the
largest part of your lesson plan)

There will be no real pre-assessment for this lesson, but a quick

discussion can be implemented if need be.

This will take the majority of the class time, and the students
will vote on which format of presentation they will want to use.
If they choose a power point, we will use a computer lab or the
library, and if they choose poster, we will stay in the classroom,
and use poster material (paper, drawing utensils, poster paper,

The students should be shown examples of the assignment, and

questions can be asked by the teacher to get them excited to
do the project. They can also choose which substance they are
assigned, just to get them interested.

The main body of class will be in the chosen area of work, and
throughout the lesson you will walk around and ask questions,
look over their progress, and help to make changes throughout.

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

(Include a play-by-play account of what will
happen in the class from the minute students
arrive to the minute they leave your classroom.
Indicate the length of each segment of the lesson.
List actual minutes.)
Include the following components in scripted
-Teacher input-what you will share (lecture
outline, notes of interest, facts, vocabulary,
description of activities, etc.)
-Modeling (demonstrations, stories, examples,
-questioning strategies (what questions will you
ask to CSU)
-whole-class practice
-group practice
-individual practice
-check for understanding
-other (FCCLA, FFA, etc. connection)
Those actions or statements by a teacher that are
designed to bring a lesson presentation to an
appropriate conclusion. Used to help students
bring things together in their own minds, to make
sense out of what has just been taught. Any
Questions? No. OK, lets move on is not closure.
Closure is used:
To cue students to the fact that they have
arrived at an important point in the lesson
or the end of a lesson.
To help organize student learning
To help form a coherent picture and to

If students have questions, or the class needs guidance, of

course, take care of it.

This material will mostly be learned throughout the assignment,

but the students will have learned chunks of it from previous
units in the class.
They will also learn more during the next lesson, where they
will see a power point about effects, which they can use to add
more to their project, or not.

Closure will involve a WDYL, and of course a time to clean up

the work space. They can also use this time to exchange
personal information, that way if for whatever reason they want
to work on the project outside of class, they can.

Students who need to be grouped differently should take to the

Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

commodations To modify: If the activity is too
advanced for a child, how will you modify it so
that they can be successful?
To extend: If the activity is too easy for a child,
how will you extend it to develop their emerging
How will you know if students met the learning
targets? Review each learning target and
determine the assessment that met that target.
Can the students answer your inquiry questions?
Write a description of what you were looking for in
each assessment.

teacher, and adjustments will be made.

Also, if a group is having any conflict, that should be dealt with

The main idea behind assessment for this project, is to gain an

understanding of the students abilities to identify an object,
describe the attributes, and give the implications of using it.
This will help them to make better choices later in life.

Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Post Lesson Reflection

1. To what extent were lesson objectives achieved? (Utilize
assessment data to justify your level of achievement)

2. What changes, omissions, or additions to the lesson would

you make if you were to teach again?

3. What do you envision for the next lesson? (Continued practice,

reteach content, etc.)

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