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Provider Portal Terms and Conditions

Cignas International Service Information Center is intended for use only by our client companies,
their covered employees, providers, and producers.
1. Client companies, providers, and producers may access the site for service information and
administrative purposes only.
2. Provider agrees that it recognizes that Cigna, its subsidiaries and affiliates, have a compelling
need to protect themselves from and limit their exposure to unauthorized use and misuse of its
web portals. Provider shall, therefore, be entitled to rely upon the authorized content of the web
pages on this Provider Portal relative to specific members of Cignas subsidiaries and affiliates.
Authorized content shall mean that content placed on, inserted and/or added to its web pages
by authorized Cigna-affiliated personnel.
3. Provider certifies that it has obtained the signed, written consent of its patient to use and
transmit the patients personal health information electronically. Provider agrees to provide,
upon request, a true copy of such signed, written consent.
4. To provide maximum data security, the Cignas International Service Information Center runs
on a secure server that sends and receives encrypted messages. The protocol utilized is Secure
Sockets Layer(SSL) 2.0, which provides the highest level of protection. To assure this level of
security, Cigna strongly recommends the use of 128-bit encryption browser software, which
is the strongest, most secure form of encryption available. Although we recommend 128-bit
encryption, our Member Information Site will support the use of 40-bit and 128-bit browsers.
5. If you dont already use a 128-bit browser, we would like you to upgrade your browser.
6. Data is refreshed on a nightly basis, Sunday through Thursday (EST or EDT).

Confidential, unpublished property of Cigna. Do not duplicate or distribute.

Use and distribution limited solely to authorised personnel. (c) Copyright 2014 (Cigna Corporation)