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After learning about the Industrial Revolution in England, as well as taking a

look at some of the modern day effects of Industrialization, your task will
now be to answer the following question:
Did the Industrialization Revolution do more to help or hurt society?
Your answer should be based on evidence from in-class documents and
notes, as well as any outside research you complete on your own. All
evidence should be supported by independent analysis. You must choose
your assessment from the following three options. The corresponding
rubrics will explain the grading expectations for each assignment.
Whichever assessment you select will be counted as an exam grade.

Argumentative essay
In-class oral presentation
Your assessment will answer the question: Did the Industrial Revolution
do more to help or hurt society?
No matter which selection you choose, it should complete the following
1) Answering the essential question (claim).
2) Provide evidence to support your claim.
3) Support your evidence with in-depth analysis.
4) Address the causes and effects of industrialization.
4) Address counterclaims.
5) Predict/hypothesize how these issues are going to play out in the future.