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Define Segmentation (Wilson and Gilligan, 2005)

Importance of segments (Dibb, 200) and (Hooley et al, 2004)

1. Geographic bases of segmentation (Kotler, 2003)
2. Demographic bases: Age- Cohort of society (Schewe and
Meredith, 2004)
Level of education: SKIPPies + Channel one ads (Cort et
al, 2004)
1. Psychographics bases of segmentation:
Lifestyle: (Orth et al, 2004) eight categories: TV-opposing
moderates, unromantic-thrill seekers, unexcited romantics, lazy
opportunists, interactive party animals, introvert individualists,
outgoing socializers, rushing adrenaline addicts.
Personality: compulsive, gregarious, authoritarian and
ambitious (Kotler 2003) + Sincerity, ruggedness, sophistication,
competence and excitement (Jennifer Aaker 1997)