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Meza 1

Jessika Meza
Professor Ogbara
English 1A
23 September 2015

In todays reality I believe women do face negative comments based on their abilities in
the work force. In many jobs women are questioned upon their ability to be able to live up to
others expectations. Due to the fact that society believes women cant perform as well as men
could in certain jobs. Those so called men jobs are still mostly restricted for men because men
are seen to carry all power, unlike women. As in the world of business, many women are not
given the opportunity of holding power as a boss, excuses that women are weak minded or too
emotional create conflict. In Virginia Woolfs essay Shakespeares Sister she pronounces that,
There would always have been the assertion- you cannot do this, you are incapable of doing
that- to protest, to overcome (702). According to Woolfs claim women were restricted from
many social activities. In that era, mostly all women were restricted from any rights, except
playing the role of a care taker and wife. Men had all the rights and had been superior to women;
men had always put women down because of it. Women have come a long way from that time,
but still face unequal opportunities in the work force because individuals continue to question
women upon their abilities to set aside emotional or motherly actions. In my option, women
arent being given enough credit for their actual knowledge in their profession. Women often
wished others respected them for who they desire to become in their career, instead of pushing
them aside because we may have motherly instincts.