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At my house around 8. Everyone is asleep. I have word and blackboard on my

laptop. I have my phone next to my laptop on vibrate. The T.V is on.
1-5 Begin reading the directions and questions[RD][RQ]
6-10 Am not sure how to start the essay so I reread the questions[RQ]
11-15 I decide to answer the questions given to us and start writing[GP][Ws]
15-20 I am focused on answering the questions and finish my first paragraph[Ws]
21-25 I look at my phone and get up and walk around[Ph][Br+]
26-30 I come back to my seat and read another question to answer[Rq][Gp]
31-35 I chose a question and start answering it. I stop once to think more in detail.
35-40 I finish the second paragraph thinking its okay [ws]
41-45 I am anxious to finish this so I start reading the questions[Rq][Gp]
45-50 I begin the third paragraph writing whatever comes to me[Ws]
51-55 I finish the third paragraph and stop to think. I then go lay on the couch for a
56-60 I go back to my seat and look at my phone for another while[Ph]
61-65 I read chose another question to answer and think about it [Rq][Gp]
66-70 I begin answering the question and write whatever is coming to me [Ws]
71-75 I stop writing and think it over then continue to finish the fourth paragraph
76-80 I get up and walk around to think [Br+]
81-85 I sit back down and chose another question still very anxious [RQ]
86-90I begin to answer the question stopping once to retain my thoughts [Ws][Gp]
95-100 I finish the fifth paragraph[Ws]
101-105 I get up and lay on the couch while I look at my phone [Br-][Ph]
106-110 I go back to the chair where I was sitting and begin to choose another
question to answer. I then start writing the sixth paragraph [Rq][Ws]
111-115 I sop to rethink about the paragraph and continue the paragraph [Q][Ws]
116-120 I finish the sixth paragraph and I am very anxious to finish so I begin to
write my conclusion [Ws]
121-125 I finish my conclusion and look over the paper [Ws]

126-130 I revise my paper [R]

After analyzing my writing process from a different point of view I can now see what my
true writing process is. There are similarities and differences from what I previously
believed what my writing process is.
My writing process is not limited to where I write and it is quite the
opposite because I can write any place and focus under most circumstances. I hardly or
never write out a rubric or plan in which I will follow. I instead read the directions and
questions thoroughly, then reread to completely understand what is being asked of me. I
then think of how to approach the topic given with the understanding and knowledge to
create the essay. In my mind I begin to create a blueprint of the first paragraph and
begin to write it. I begin writing what I believe what the prompt is asking of me.
Simultaneously while I write I doubt if I am getting my point across clearly. I tend to
repeat this habit in every creation of a new paragraph. I feel this hinders my writing by
making me doubt what I am writing is not necessary for the essay. Doubting myself
causes me to stop my process in its tracks and turn my focus towards the clarity of my
writing. My writing is also based off the questions that where given to me. I took the
easy way out and simply answered the questions rather than providing detail of each
step. Basing my writing of the questions limited me to not expanding on the answer. I
was blind in the way that I didnt see any other way than answering the example
I also realized I have a habit of leaving the place of where I am writing to
reflect on my thoughts and regain the confidence in my writing. In leaving it gives me
time to think but it also gives me time to be distracted by my phone. There was times
where I became easily distracted by my phone while I was reflecting on my thoughts.

There was also times where I would lose train of thought and have my mind wonder
aimlessly which caused me to have to regroup when I did sit back down to continue
writing. I also repeat my ideas throughout my writing. I will start of by writing an idea
then end up repeating it throughout my paragraph or writing. In doing this I feel that I
weaken my writing because it seems that I have nothing to say so I instead continue to
repeat an idea.
I constantly reread the questions for two reasons, those
reasons being I wanted to answer them to have something to write about and so I can
have an understanding of what is being asked of me. I do this for the confidence in my

I have always been taught to create a rubric and to

brainstorm on paper before I start a paper. I instead never create a rubric before I write.
I do this for the reason that I dont use them. Id rather have a rubric in my mind which
to me is more effective than having one on paper. Processing these organization
techniques in my mind allows me to focus and get in depth in my writing. Even being
comfortable organizing and brainstorming in thought I dont feel as if it hinders my
writing process to do so or vice versa I dont think it will disrupt my writing process if I
was to organize on paper. Either one grants me the knowledge to proceed in the
creation of a paper but it is a matter of preference at that point
In my writing process noticed I
get up to regain my thoughts after every paragraph that I finished. I do this to retrace my
thoughts and regain confidence in the paragraph I created. In doing so I begin to plan
out the next paragraph and see the options I have in creating it while at the same time
getting my point across clearly. While these breaks are at most times very helpful in my

writing process they can also be detrimental for the reason I can become distracted by
my phone hindering my writing process.
In my writing process I see that I can easily
come up with ideas to write about. Many of these ideas are thrown out because they are
not sufficient in getting my point across. I believe creating ideas is a strength in my
writing because it gives me many ways I can approach an essay. The downside is I am
picky when choosing the ideas I want to use and I discard most of them in the process.
Another weakness in my writing is my need to constantly gain confidence that I am
accomplishing the goal I set. On the other hand gaining confidence in my writing allows
me to focus and take my writing step by step. I see my strengths and weakness coexist
with each other because in my weakness there is a strength and in my strength there is
a weakness.

After analyzing my true writing process I see

differences from what I thought was my writing process. I do not write without thinking
as I previously thought, instead I take time to interpret my thoughts after every
paragraph or even in the middle of a paragraph. I thought I blazed through my essays
but I am constantly hammered by my thoughts of wondering if my writing is simply good
enough. I believed that I didnt revise my paper but I look over it and revise at the
conclusion of my paper. My writing process is not what I believed it was and turns out to
be quite different.

I see my writing as adding layer by

layer because I write a paragraph stop to rekindle my thinking then I write another
paragraph or add another layer. I then continue to add layer by layer until I know my
paper is complete. By adding layer by layer it gives me the opportunity to see what is
changing and see how it evolves throughout each layer.

Overall I see many differences in what I

believed was my writing process compared to my true writing process. I constantly
think, doubt myself, and gain confidence all while writing. I believed all I did was rush
not putting an ounce of thought into my writing but instead I now see the thought I put
into my writing process, I see the amount of effort and contemplation I go through in my
writing process.