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Fined Dow we int Jessika Meza Drant + | English 1A section #72531 Professor Ogbara ce Yoicrpred) Rot heme 16 September 2018 & Get = os \ Sea Opinion 1: To what extent does society contribute tothe erosion of rica thinking skils? (Vou seers ‘may need to isolate one segment of society: pop culture, media, schools, religions, etc) Schools are the main source of developing social, working, and thinking skills. Critical ADEs, ing isan important skill 1 practice and master inorder to be an excellent learner and make crucial decisions. Many academic departments aren't providing their students with enough Provide. co tetra ky ik aie oe eee | . oF. sions, and rememt Jeaming experiences. Their educators aren't giving their ee eet Ei eee a ev eae biased, dtoried an prejudice concepts that are ruining the minds oftheir student. Serving \ wavo 0 = (ayy Sha es the proper way o gan contol of effective 4 leaning steges, They ned toe insravted o bscoming open mind rete, and crea! > Gt ho — win RE eeftnten Many eda inte sami force are' roving the comet aching metals “F prepare heir sudent fr elif stations and ering experiences ‘The idea that students are | ‘taught ineffective education attempts to prevent to = and sa rogressive education that is based off of experience and the understanding of ine ‘Traditional education is based off of material that doesn't require thinking or anything creates wn? \- thoughts. The information is being fed to student's minds and the information is being taught by ‘someone who is teaching off their own experiences. Not only were they given others perspectives but were taught by using textbooks. According to John Dewey's essay e asserts Meza that, “The material of thinking ic not thoughts, but actions, facts, events, and the relations of things” (562). Dewey explains that experience. Students are being taught one sided fandamentls and don't think olhenvse ofthe 1 isnot just made up of just thoughts but actual ‘information handed tothe Having @ eonneeion withthe materi that s being taught s leaming. eng abl to come wp with ideas that help understand and slveprlems on yr xn isan experince. Due wo the fact leaming is based onexperince theresa huge chance tht those experiences will become memories. That's how the mind will member them a have learned & lesson.