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Gabriel Maraboto
Dr. Jacobs
English 134
November 15, 2014
Servitude with a Smile
College is expensive; no one knows that better than current college students
and recent college grads. Since I am part of that first group it is very important to
me that we as a country find a solution to this problem. Some may think otherwise,
but in reality rising college tuition and ever increasing college debt is a crisis almost
as real as terrorism. From 1981 to 2012 the average cost of one year of college
(tuition, fees, room and board at a 4 year institution) has more than doubled, going
from $9,554 to $23,066 in constant 2012 dollars (Department of Education). This
statistic hardly does the problem any justice because for private schools alone the
average price in 2012 was $33,716. Looking at the data it is seems as if the student
debt problem has no end in sight. Or does it? I have two words for you: indentured
servitude. Do you want a simple, cost-effective solution to the college debt crisis?
Do you want a solution that will be beneficial to all parties involved? If you do, then
Ill have you know that indentured servitude is the solution for you and the solution
for America.
As a disclaimer, I should mention that this solution will not be available for
everyone. Certain people in fields such as law, medicine, and STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, Math) fields will be forced to go directly into jobs. I myself
am majoring in engineering and it brings me much displeasure that I will not be able
to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If I had perhaps decided to be an

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art, music, or English major I would have a much better chance of being allowed the
wonderful experience of indentured servitude.
And what a wonderful experience it is! College grads that would have
normally joined the rat race are given an extra chance to experience things they
would have never been able to experience otherwise. A chance like no other to
broaden ones skill set with useful technical skills will not be passed up easily by
many. For those wishing to see the world there could possibly even be programs for
graduates to work abroad. Everyone says that college was the best time of their life
because they got to experience so many unique things. Why then should it stop
there? With this program people will be able to get more experiences out of the best
years of their lives. Now who wouldnt want that?
Now I know what many of you are now thinking, this sounds great for those
becoming indentured servants, but will this system really be profitable to
corporations and those purchasing college grads?, to which I say, of course it will
be. Based on my personal calculations (using the data from the first paragraph),
grads can be paid as low as 3/5ths of the federal minimum wage in some cases and
still be done with their service in only 4 years. Additionally, those acquiring the
recent graduates will incur no fees other than the cost of the college loans and an
exit bonus for the graduates completion service. Since most of this will be paid in
wages around the minimum wage, this will be an extremely cost effective strategy
and will provide cheap labor for those helping the graduates with their student debt.
A solution like this is what we have all been waiting for, one in which both of the
parties involved benefit, and that will save us from this crisis and bring us to a
better place.

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It is undeniable that this truly is a crisis, and when in a crisis its best to go
back to basics. A return to basics is all Im really proposing. Back in colonial times
(when this great nation we live in was getting still its humble start as a few British
colonies) many great, unnamed founders of this country were brought over as
indentured servants. It is because of these splendid people that our country is the
way it is today, without them there would have been no one to farm during the early
days of our country. These noble souls helped make the country we live in what it is
today and thus I applaud all those who take up the noble and time honored
profession of indentured servitude. WE are the ones in who are truly in debt to these
amazing patriots willing to do whatever it takes for their country. I would love to
usher in a new era of indentured servitude and welcome a whole new wave of
patriotic Americans into this great and splendid profession. Those working abroad
will be working hard to represent our country on an international scale and Im sure
they will in fact represent us well as hard working individuals.
With the recent news of a 5% increase to tuition over the next 5 years at
UCs, college debt is a big problem that we are feeling directly (Perez-Pea). It is
almost unavoidable even with scholarships and grants and as such I believe as
with most other problems in this beautiful country of oursit is up to the private
sector to help solve this problem through indentured servitude. Everyone knows
that intervention from big government such as lowering cost of public schools, or
offering more grants for more people is bad, and that is why I am making this plea. I
am asking for corporations, millionaires and billionaires to please help us now. You
are the guardians of the economy and will soon be the saviors and keepers of many
debt ridden college graduates.

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