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Name: Kathlynn Roddy

Create a QR Code Hunt

Type the information next to each prompt.
1. Choose a topic: National Geographic scavenger hunt
2. Identify the standards and write objectives:
1st Grade

2. Life

1. An organism is a living thing that has physical characteristics to help it


3. Determine how you want students to proceed through the QR code

hunt and what they are to do with the information or what they are to
do at each clue. Describe your method here:
I want to put QR codes up either around the school or the classroom
and set up a habitat for the animal that will be on the QR code. I will
use National Geographic because it is a valid source and the most
familiar with the students. Id use pictures and construction paper to
make the environment. Creating the environment will give the students
a visual representation and will pull them into being interested in what
we are doing. On the QR codes there will be information one animal
and the ecosystem in which the animal lives in to survive and what it
needs to survive. They will answer certain questions of each animal.
This will be the introduction on the unit of life science and ecosystems.
I want them to understand that animals are very diverse and
contribute to the environment.
4. Write at least 10 questions or prompts (see table below):
QR Code

1. Where do polar bears

live? What kind of


2. What kind of Habitat

do Giraffes live in?


3. What seasons do
Monarch Butterflies
have to be born in, in
order to be able to


4. What is the Red

Foxes diet?


5. Why are male

Cardinal birds red?

Answer: To attract
female partners
for mating.

6. What is the life span

of a Blue Whale?


7. *Watch the video*

What are the piranhas
bite force?

Answer: 69

8. Why do farmers like

ladybugs on their

Answer: To help
eat other insects
that in return
protect their crops

9. *Watch the video*

What are three physical
characters that help
cheetahs run fast?

10. *Watch the

What in the sea otters
environment is
affecting them?

Answer: Spine,

Answer: Human,
pollution, bacteria.

5. Create a QR code for each question/prompt. Copy and paste the QR

code next to each question/prompt above. QR codes can link to text,
web sites, images, and more!