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Act 5

1. In the beginning of Act 5 scene 1, how is the fight between Cassio and Roderigo
a no lose situation for Iago?
-The fight in the beginning of the first scene of act 5 is a no lose situation for Iago
because if Cassio dies then Iago just has to worry about Roderigo, and if Roderigo dies
than Cassio just has to worry about Cassio. Either way, someone is going to die and
Iago doesnt have to worry about them anymore.
2. Why dont Gratiano and Lodovico run in to help at first?
-It could be a trap and its not safe to go out there to help before getting backup.
3. How does Iago imply Bianca is involved in the attack on Cassio?
-Iago straight up tells Gratiano and Lodovico that he thinks Bianca has something to do
with it.
4. List every heaven/hell reference in Act 5.
- Well, do it, and be brief. I will walk by. I would not kill thy unprepard spirit. No,
heavens forfend, I would not kill thy soul! -Othello
- Then heaven have mercy on me! -Desdemona
- Oh, heaven have mercy on me! -Desdemona
- Shes like a liar gone to burning hell. 'Twas I that killed her. -Othello
- Cassio did top her, ask thy husband else. Oh, I were damned beneath all depth in hell,
but that I did proceed upon just grounds to this extremity. Thy husband knew it all.
- If he say so, may his pernicious soul rot half a grain a day! He lies to th' heart. She
was too fond of her most filthy bargain. -Emilia
- Poor Desdemon! I am glad thy fathers dead, thy match was mortal to him, and pure
grief shore his old thread in twain. Did he live now,This sight would make him do a
desperate turn, yea, curse his better angel from his side and fall to reprobation.
- Are there no stones in heaven but what serve for the thunder?Precious villain!
5. Explain how Othellos put out the light speech in the beginning of Act 5 scene 2
is horribly ironic.
- This speech is horribly ironic because Othello is clearly still in love with Desdemona
and its so obvious in this speech. He calls her beautiful, he even kisses her. The irony is
that he is giving this speech moments before he strangled her to death.
6. How is it possible that Othello could have gotten away with murder of
Desdemona if he cared to?
- Right before Desdemona died, she told Emilia that Othello wasnt the one who killed
her. That was enough proof for Othello to pretend to be innocent.
7. Describe the deaths of each character who dies in the play.
-Roderigo: Cassio stabbed Roderigo after Roderigo tried to kill Cassio because of lies
Iago was telling about Cassio to Roderigo.
-Desdemona: Othello strangled Desdemona because she allegedly cheated on him with
-Emilia: Iago stabbed Emilia because Emilia was revealing all of Iagos lies.

-Othello: Othello killed himself because he realized that what he did was completely
outrageous and unjustifiable. He felt terrible and did what he thought he deserved.
8. Othello wounds Iago but does not kill him, and claims he is happy with the result.
- Othello says death is the easy way out, its happier than having to live with all of the
guilt that Iago must have for everything.
9. What is Othellos tragic flaw that leads to his downfall?
-Othellos tragic flaw that leads to his downfall was jealousy.
10. Describe what you feel is the overall theme/moral/lesson/universal truth of this
-I believe the overall lesson of this play is not to jump to conclusions; to trust who youre
with unless you are 100% sure that they are lying to you.