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Dear hiring manager,

Hello, my name is Gabriel Maraboto, and Im an electrical engineer at

California Polytechnic State University. Im interested in pursuing an Electrical
Engineering internship at your company, and I would like to list a few reasons why I
think I could work well.
When it comes to work I like to work efficiently. Producing results in a timely
manner is very important to me, so when I get a project I focus all of my attention
on it. Additionally, this year at Cal Poly I have been a part of the robotics club on
campus. As a member of this club I have begun designing simple circuit boards such
as LED controllers. I have been gaining experience in Eagle, and working on design
in general. In addition, I have started working on some projects of my own building
and designing analog synthesizers in my spare time.
Thank you for taking your time to read my letter.
Gabriel Maraboto

California Polytechnic State University

2.7 GPA

Electrical Engineering

Important Classes and Skills

Circuit Analysis I and II; currently enrolled in Circuit Analysis III (AC/DC
circuit analysis)
Digital Design (Basics of digital circuits including gates, flip flops, and
Proficient with Vivado and VHDL programming
Basic Electronics Manufacturing (Basics of PCB design and
Proficient with Eagle and Dip Trace for PCB design
Computer Science 101 (Introduction to computer programming)
Proficient with Python and some C
Technical Writing for Engineers (Communication skills for professional
Proficient in Microsoft Excel

Clubs and Memberships

Cal Poly Robotics Club
Society of Audio Engineers

LED driver (for Cal Poly Robotics Club intelligent golf cart)
Simple Analog Synthesizer (Personal project)

Work History


Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.

23792 Rockfield Boulevard, Ste. 180 Lake Forest, CA
Hampton Products (Warehouse area)
50 Icon Foothill Ranch, CA



Sir Speedy
726 W Agnus #A Orange CA