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Interview with a Cal Poly Alum

Informal Interview with a Cal Poly Alum

Hiring Manager,
During the fall quarter of my sophomore year I was given the opportunity to talk
with a Cal Poly Alumni who now works in the electrical engineering industry. From
the interview I gained much insight into the way professionals work and go about
completing projects, as well as what a normal day is like for an engineer. I first
asked about how much they were required to work in groups with other engineers.
The alumni in question stated that he does in fact have to work with various other
engineers in and outside of his field on a regular basis. They described the effort as
much easier than the group projects he had done in college, and claimed that the
more professional atmosphere really helped keep people focused.
I asked how often they were at work, and how much effort was required. This
question was met with a chuckle and a sigh. They went on to say that while they
enjoyed doing what they did, they would admit that it is a lot of work. In all, they
find their work very rewarding, albeit somewhat taxing.
In they end they admitted many things about their job. They said that, while it
wasnt entirely like what they thought it would be their freshman year of college,
they still manage to enjoy every day of work.
Gabriel Maraboto