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Leslie Quinones

RWS 1301

Writing to Convince
As the years pass by, war keeps growing in certain countries that later will affect our own. In this
case, The Syrian Civil War has been a target for more than 4 years. As I continue to explain, I
want my audience, American Citizens, to know that this war is very important, since it involves
the deaths of many innocent lives and once the United States gets involved in this war, it will
affect us citizens. The Syrian Civil War started back in 2011, and it is still not over. Syrian
civilians decided to protest against the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad for political process and
advocating for democratic reforms, sadly, things didnt go so well, the government kidnapped
and killed most of the protesters. After all these killings, rebel groups began to form and began to
fight against the government. Throughout the years, many news channels around the world have
captured the tragedies going around Syria, showing how the country is slowly vanishing by all
the war and most importantly, how many innocent lives are taken away every single day. This
war has gotten the attention around the world, and we are now helping the innocent people. This
past year, the war has gotten stronger which has allowed many countries to join and end this war.
The United States has now shown solidarity to Syria, in order to help the innocent people. The
United States has not only provided the people who mean no harm to others, with weapons in
order to defend themselves but it has also offered the innocent people from Syria refugees here in
the United States, to find a place to live and provide them with food. Many countries have also
joined this act, such countries as Lebanon, Turkey, Canada and many others have provided these
Syrians with refugees. As good as all sounds by all the countries coming together in order to
help, many countries are against it, in this case, Russia is protecting the Syrian government by
providing them with lethal weapons. You may ask why so many countries are so interested in
joining this war. Helping people around us is a big step, showing solidarity which is one of the

Leslie Quinones
RWS 1301

many reasons. Syria produces oil, far less than Libya, but people are joining this war in order to
gain the power of the Syrian country and in later years are provided by this oil. However, this
war might affect the United States. According to Robert Zarate, a geopolitical strategist, he
mentions that the United States will be affected economically and oil prices will go up. In 2003,
the United States was part of the Iraq war which costed an estimated $1 trillion. Also, just like I
mentioned, Syria produces oil, but violence in Syria could affect global oil speculation and
prices, which would affect the United States since we are already part of the war. The purpose of
this war is to gain oil. However, it will not end in many years. This past month of November,
Paris, France was a victim of terrorist attacks, which made the borders stronger but also, are now
not allowing any Syrian any refugees. Many people base this war on religion, which in my
opinion; I believe it is a mistake. Many lives were lost in Paris, just like in Syria, which makes
me think how we as a global community should come together and support each other to make
this a peaceful world. Many countries have no reunited in order to end this war for good, for the
good of the people who have lost their loved ones and their homes. As a global community, we
can show support by providing food and a living for those who are suffering.