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Student: Christina Saldivar

Dr. Crosby
Lesson Date: October 11, 2015
Grade Level: Fourth Grade
Lesson Topic: Singing With Meter

Teaching Objectives: The student will be able to understand the concept of a bar line.
The student will be able to perform body percussion ostinato in 4/4 time. The student will be able
to discuss the function of motivational songs in our culture. The student will be able to perform
various rhythms with rhythm sticks while singing.
Element focus/Skills: Rhythm: Meter in 4/4

Virginia Music SOLs

4.1 The student will read and notate music.

4.2 The student will sing a varied repertoire of songs alone and with others, including:
1. singing with a clear tone quality and correct intonation;
2. singing diatonic melodies;
3. singing melodies written on the treble staff;
4.3 The student will play a variety of pitched and nonpitched instruments alone and with
others, including
1. playing music of increasing difficulty in two-part ensembles;
2. playing melodies of increasing difficulty written on the treble staff;


Teachers Edition: Making Music

Student book: Making Music, page 98

CD Player

CD 5-7

Rhythm Sticks

Auto Harp

Teaching Procedure:
Introduce the lesson by saying Rise and Shine! Explain to the students that this is a
motivational song that is fun to sing because it makes people feel good.

Tell the students to open their books to page 98 of the Making Music book.

Explain that motivational songs are used all around the world to develop team spirit
within groups. An example would be a national anthem. Sport teams and organizations
may use motivational songs to encourage the crowd participation. An example would be
the Fight Song by the Hampton University Marching FORCE.

Explain the time signature and what a bar line is.

Clap the rhythm and count, and then have the students repeat one measure at a time.

Pass out a piece of paper with a blank measure in 4/4 to each student. Have the students
make up their own measure of 4/4. Have them look up and smile when they are finished.

Teach the song by sections going through the words along with the rhythms.

Now have the students perform the song without the CD

Have the student look at page 99 at the body percussion ostinato. Explain what an
ostinato (a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm).

Organize the students into partners and have them perform the body percussion ostinato.

Have the students perform the ostinato while singing the song with the recording.

Pass out rhythm sticks to the students and then pass out various rhythms. Have the each
student play their rhythm individually and then perform the rhythms with the CD while
not singing, then while singing.

Collect the sticks.

Conclusion: Ask the student what a bar line is. Ask the students how many beats are in a
measure of 4/4 time.

Assessment: Were the student able to sing and perform their various rhythms? Are the
students able to explain what a bar line is and how it is used? What could be some changes to
make this lesson more effective?