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Kaylan Huff
English 1010D 03
George M. Sean
13 December 2015
Self-Reflexive Letter
This was my first semester of college and I was so nervous for my English 1010D class.
During my senior year of high school, I didnt learn anything about grammar rules or essays.
Honestly, my last time actually learning about English was 6th grade; I had a reason to be
nervous. Nevertheless, we wrote four essays throughout this semester; a literacy narrative,
analyzing advertisements into text, an expository essay, and arguing a position. Each of these
essays have helped me learn proper grammar rules, how to cite information properly, how to
write my thoughts down on paper, and how to debate one side of an argument.
My first essay, the literacy narrative, has helped me jump back into schooling. I wasnt
kidding when I said I hadnt been taught any English in the past five years, therefore I was
beyond nervous to start writing this one. Dr. Sean was very thorough when explaining our
assignments and what we needed to do. However, this essay was particularly hard for me
because of the topic. Learning how to write about myself and also make it five pages was a very
difficult, however it also helped me learn how to write deep about my thoughts and feelings. A
literacy narrative was the perfect way to jump back into my schooling, and I knew more of what
to expect for my second essay.
My second essay, analyzing advertisements into texts, helped me learn how to cite
information correctly. I never understood how to cite information the correct way and Dr. Sean
helped the class learn how. Finding the advertisements to pick apart and describe was really

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interesting, and finding the direct meaning of advertisements and writing about them has helped
me grow as a writer as well. Essay number three also helped me learn how to cite information
Essay number three, an expository essay, was one of my favorite to write about. For my
expository essay I was able to find a topic I was interested about and research more useful
information behind my knowledge. During my research for this essay I was able to learn how to
correctly cite research information correctly, and I was able to write about a topic I was
passionate about. However, essay number four, arguing a position, was a more difficult topic to
write about.
When I started writing about the wrong part of animal testing I quickly caught on to the
difficulty of only being on one side of the argument. When I first picked this topic out I thought I
knew for sure which side I wanted to be on, however both sides of the debate for animal testing
had great points and it was hard for me to decide between the two. The debate between the two
sides was difficult for me to cope with, however arguing a position has helped me organize my
thoughts when writing on paper. Learning how to write about different types of essays has helped
me become a stronger writer.
Throughout this semester I have written four essays that have helped me grow as a writer:
a literacy narrative, analyzing texts, an expository essay, and arguing a position. Dr. Sean, my
English 1010D professor, has helped the class learn proper grammar rules, how write my
thoughts on paper, how to cite information correctly, and how to debate both sides of an
argument. Each week Dr. Sean taught us a new grammar rule as well as how to construct essays
the proper way. In conclusion, my first semester of college English was a great experience for me
and I am looking forward to my future classes!

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